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Aug. 26, 2020

August Update - Exciting Opportunities!

August Real Estate Market remains HOT     

& We have Programs to Help You Reach Your Goals!     

Short video is packed, watch to end for tips, updates & program you'll want to share!


We remain willing to pick up/drop off needed items for those that can't go out at this time - really, we want to!

First: The Numbers!

Queen Creek/San Tan -- 255 homes for sale, 727 in contract, 708 closed last 45 days. So what?  A.  Strong sellers market only 2 weeks inventory, homes sell fast! B. Buyers need a great agent with tools to help them win & take advantage of great LOW rates!

Second:  $1500 closing costs for First Responders!!!   Save Money with The Drew Team real estate fire police emt

            The Drew Team wants to say THANK YOU to our first responders by keeping more money in your pocket and making your move easier.   Fire Fighters, EMTs, Police Officers, Sheriffs and Correctional Officers  THANK YOU for keeping our communities safe, we are going to cover up to $1500 in closing costs when you buy or sell with us.

 The Drew Team San Tan Valley Fire Department   Queen Creek Fire Dept The Drew Team Pinal County Sheriff and The Drew Team The Drew Team Pinal County Correctional Officers EMT and Ambulance The Drew Team  EMTs and The Drew Team

Third:  Phoenix Children's Hospital

            Anyone who has know us even a short time is aware we partner with PCH because it matters and the work done there is fantastic.  Unfortunately the poker tournaments, fundraisers and golf tournament we sponsor annually are not happening in 2020 (see past events here)...  Yet, the children still need our help, so we are inviting you to partner with us in donating directly to work at Phoenix Children's Hospital, click here.  

The Drew Team supports Phoenix Children's Hospital


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Aug. 4, 2020

Gave keys to 11 families in July!

While many events/activities have been postponed, the Real Estate market in Arizona is running STRONG!   The Drew Team remains busy helping clients reach their goals.    We gave keys to 11 families that completed a home purchase/sale in July!!!   Additionally we served 7 others in coming to agreement on a contract price for a home.   

The Drew Team finding success queen creek san tan valley gilbert best realtor The Drew Team sold best realtor queen creek The Drew Team sold goals july queen creek gilbert san tan valley Drew Team realtor best queen creek san tan valley gilbert sold Drew Team sold queen creek gilbert san tan valley best agent

The market is extremely competitive at this time for a few reasons:

1.  Interest rates are the lowest in 50 years -- which means a home can be bought at higher price with LOWER payments.

2.  Many people are doing more activities and even working from home, which highlights a need for different space.

3.  Arizona continues to have a very reasonable cost of living and people moving from other areas continues.

Our greatest struggle at this time is a lack of inventory, we don't have as many homes for sale.  This is a result of multiple factors.   Item 3 above is a constant and many want to move to this area.  Add to that more buyers of all ages taking advantage of low interest rates AND a slow down in construction due to health concerns...   all adds up to a competitive market with more buyers than homes.

Drew Team Sold Queen Creek San Tan valley Gilbert best agent Drew Team Sold Keys Best Realtor Agent Queen Creek Drew Team Sold Queen Creek best San tan valley agent success gillbert Drew Team sold best agent realtor queen creek florence san tan valley gilbert The Drew Team Realtors success Reaching YOUR goals Sold

SO more than ever, WHO YOU WORK WITH MATTERS!  The Drew Team negotiated for and won against multiple offers for 5 of our buyers in July.   We do this by knowing the market, crafting good offers, negotiating effectively,  communicating & creating an advocate in the other agent while getting YOU the best terms.

There are many challenges in this market but success is possible and The Drew Team will help reach YOUR goals! OF COURSE we would say that so here is what a couple of our clients in July had to say: 

Drew Team sold review 5 star queen creek san tan valley best realtorDrew team sold review 5 star best realtor queen creek san tan valley

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July 3, 2020

Real Estate is creating some Fireworks this Independence Weekend

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!  The Market is very HOT!  AND we are here for YOU!

Short informative video & additional details below:


First and foremost as we navigate the current challenges with Covid and unrest The DREW Team would like to remind you we are here for YOU and willing to pick up/drop off necessary items if you can't get out in the QC/STV area - it would be a privilege serve as neighbors.

The Drew Team real estate Fireworks

The real estate market is making fireworks right now!   Rates are low, inventory is low and many people want to upgrade their home to fit changing lifestyles. What does that mean for you? Here are the numbers for comparison - we currently we have less than 2 weeks of homes to sell in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley.

Queen Creek & San Tan Valley

                                        May 4, 2020                                                     July 3, 2020   

                                               603                          For Sale                          303               

                                               637                     Under Contract                    728

                                               540               Closed Sale last 45 days           730       

So how do sellers or buyers make the most of this market?


For home sellers it is more important than ever who you work! The Drew Team works hard to be sure sellers know how to price properly & how to avoid the pitfalls of unrealistic/misleading offers.  This is what we do: reduce stress and help you get the most money possible with terms that fit YOUR situation. 

Home buyers, the challenge is being prepared to act quickly! The Drew Team provides fantastic resources and our network ensures you are aware of homes others can't yet see.  Most importantly we guide you in crafting strong offers and bring the strength of a team that does more home transactions than anyone in the San Tan/Queen Creek areas...  sellers want to work with us because they know we make the process smooth for everyone to reach their goals.

The Drew Team Happy 4th JulyThe Drew Team 4th of July Queen CreekThe Drew Team 4th of July San Tan ValleyThe Drew Team 4th of July Fireworks

Home ownership is a large part of the American Dream!  If it is part of YOUR dream contact us so we can help YOU reach your goals in this competitive market.   

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May 29, 2020

Reaching YOUR Goals, Is it time to Sell?

Arizona Real Estate remains strong, how we can help you make the most of it!

     Here we are at the end of May, Arizona was never in "lock-down" but many business were closed and it was NOT business as usual.   Real estate remained strong as we started with very low number of homes available and the demand was high.  On March 10th we only had 374 homes available in ALL of Queen Creek & San Tan Valley. Plus homes sold so fast that we had only about 2 weeks of inventory -- had homes sold at the same rate and no new homes come up for sale we would not have had any homes to sell! 

    What does that look like today?   For The Drew Team our MAY homes closed in STV/QC averaged less than 2 weeks on the market before they were sold as you can see below.

Drew Team May 2020 SOLD Homes Queen Creek Area

     That is surprisingly similar to BEFORE social distancing...   TODAY we do have more homes for sale in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley, about 475.  However, we remain at less than 1 month of inventory and demand continues to be strong.  So this is still a seller's market, but IF you are buying there is good news:  First, interest rates remain historically low!  Second, home values have increased with moderation (not sharply) and remain very stable.  Third, Arizona is still one of the fastest growing states in the country so demand is expected to remain strong for the foreseeable future which means the value is strong.   

     Whether buying or selling in the this market, what matters most is working with a professional that has the experience to help you reach your goals, make the most of the opportunities and give you the best information so YOU can make the best decision for YOUR situation.  That is why we are so happy when clients express their recognition for the process we use, see Sherry's words below as completed the sale of her home recently:

Client Review of Sold home with Drew Team Sold home Drew Team Queen Creek

       What the Drew Team does best is LISTEN to your goals, then we provide the best information & tools to YOU, and finally we NEGOTIATE on your behalf to be sure you get the best value possible!   Are you considering buying or selling in the next year?  Contact us so we can help put you in the best position to take advantage of the opportunities this market provides!

       But don't take our word for it, read about Sherry's experience:  "I worked primarily with Robin from the Drew Team on the sale of my home. From the moment we met, I knew she and I would work well together! Everything went so smoothly and according to our plan. My house went on the market for one day and sold over asking price the following day. She ensured all the details were taken of and kept me informed every step of the way from contract to closing. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Robin and her team!! I gave her and the team 5 stars as they exceeded my expectations by far. I highly recommend the Drew Team!!"




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May 5, 2020

Arizona Opening Plan Update

Spreading the word that our Governor has begun to layout the re-opening plan for Arizona!   To keep it brief here is the current plan:  May 8th Barbers/Salons are able to reopen and on May 11th restaurants have a green light to begin modified dine-in options.  A plan for gyms and public pools is  in process.   

While this is welcome news to many, we at the Drew Team realize it is also concerning to those high risk and we want to BE the community right now!  So if you are being cautious, are concerned or are high risk PLEASE take us up on our offer to pick up/drop off needed items in the Queen Creek/San Tan area!   You can call, email or message us but don't hesitate as we believe its an opportunity for us to simply be neighbors to the community we love!

The Drew Team Open Arizona

Additionally we have and will continue to serve our community for all their real estate needs so this is a good time to give you the REAL market update amid all the noise of national media, speculation etc.  


Homes for Sale 603

Homes Under Contract/Pending  637

Homes Sold/Closed 45 days  540

Means:  1 Month of inventory

and a STRONG Real Estate Market

For details on your specific situation please give us a call, email or direct message!

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March 24, 2020

Get the FACTS about Real Estate, Lending to Reach YOUR Goals

    So much noise in the media right now, some good, some NOT and much of it is incomplete...   weather related to COVID-19, Economy, Real Estate or anything else for that matter!     

     What REALLY MATTERS? Reaching YOUR goals is what matters.   The real estate market remains strong, mortgage rates remain low and as of today Arizona is weathering world events far better than some others.   Here is a quick 90 second video to make the point:



We want to encourage you to reach out to find out how we can help you reach YOUR goals.  Special thanks to Jason Wojtyna and his team who helps us serve you better everyday!

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March 21, 2020

Buying or Selling a Home While Social Distancing - Virtual Tools

      So here we are admidst continuing developements  knowing that some people still NEED/WANT to sell or buy a home...  How can we do that while being conscious of social distancing directives?

       Actually that ability and those tools are already in use by The DREW Team and our partners!  Here is a quick minute video with our partner Jason Wojtyna to demonstrate that truth.


And here is a great graphic to give you more insights as to why you can confidently call on us to help you accomplish YOUR goals!

Virtual Home Buying Tools and Resources The DREW Team

Ready to make your home goals a reality? 

Contact us and reach YOUR goals!


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March 16, 2020

Walking through new challenges

     Before heading home today I really felt like it would be good to share a few thoughts about our local situation here in Arizona as we face the challenges of this virus.    Short video will touch on directives, health, real estate and being aware.  While many facets of life will be different for at least the next few weeks as AZ schools are closed through the end of March, many other areas of life will and must go on - but with a much greater awareness of how we impact each other.

Also stealing some tips from from Myrtle Beach, real estate broker, Greg Harrelson what to focus on right now:

  1. Take care of yourself and your family.
  2. Give more attention to your COI.
  3. People will appreciate a personal touch more than ever.
  4. If you are slow, focus on getting stuff done that you have been procrastinating to get done.
  5. Treat others nicely.
  6. Practice smiling.
  7. Say thank you.
  8. Breathe deep.
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March 11, 2020

Right Time to Sell is Now!

       With a lot of competing stories in the media, from politics to Corona Virus, interest rates to March Madness...  we are asked often if that will hurt the housing market?   The answer is pretty clear when you look at the facts -a resounding NO!  Especially in our local market surrounding the Queen Creek/San Tan area! 

      Let me give you an example from our own experience right here at The Drew Team with homes in the Queen Creek/San Tan area.  In a typical market homes priced properly sell in 60-90 days on average.  Let me show you what our last 4 homes sold looked like for time on the market:

Sold in 4 days (STV/$210K)  Sold in 3 days (Florene/$195K) 

Drew Team sold in 4 days    Drew Team sold in 4 days 

Sold in 1 day (STV/$239K)  Sold in 3 days (QC/$295K)

Drew Team sold day 1    Drew Team SOLD in 3 days

Obvioulsy if you are in the market to sell a property, move up to a larger property, downsize or for any other reason need to sell a house THIS IS A GREAT TIME to do it.   Want more info?  Message us or call (480) 256-2868 so we can help you

reach YOUR goals - just like the sellers above!


           The facts that remain consistent over the last 6 months have not changed,                namely we have a limited supply of homes and plenty of people who still need a home.   HOWEVER we don't have over-building, we have a reformed lender pool and low interest rates along with rents that have out-paced the cost of a mortgage.  It is a great time to be selling your property and we can get it done right!

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March 10, 2020

March 2020 Real Estate Update Queen Creek Area

This short video will get YOU up to date on the real estate market in the QC/STV area:

Four main points to help YOU make the most

of this market & reach YOUR goals!

1. We have less homes for sale - want to SELL? Now is the IDEAL time, reach YOUR goals!

2. There are still homes to buy - want to BUY? We can help AND if you are financing your purchase power is very high as interest rates are historically LOW! PS you can get our professional services at no cost when we help you reach your buying goals.

3. New Home Builders are aware of short inventory and trying to get top dollar - DON'T GO ALONE, having a REALTOR cost you nothing BUT we can often save you money & help navigate the contract details with less stress!

4. Curious about investor offers (Z, Opendoor, Offerpad etc)? Typically they will cost you more money and they only represent themselves, we can show you how to make the most of your equity EVEN getting you offers from them BUT we can show you ALL the options they won't!



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