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Nov. 2, 2019

Drew Team Market Update Nov 2019

Want to know what is happening in the Queen Creek - San Tan real estate market right now? 

Watch this short video: 


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Nov. 2, 2019

Drew Team PCH Tree & Donation Drive '19


Amazing fully covered tree because of all the wonderful people who donated and partnered with us in supporting PCH!  Were able to give a ton supplies for the Family Care Carts and the Tree was a huge hit with the children, doctors, staff and families who depend on Phoenix Children's Hospital!

Drew Team JW Team and Families  smiling children

smiling children  Drew Team Giving Back decorating with The Drew Team


We're passionate about the AMAZING work of Phoenix Children's Hospital!  Join us again to wrap a tree in New plush animals AND stock The Family Care Carts!

2018's TREE looked like this:

    The Drew Team PCH Tree decorate 2018   Drew Team PCH Tree finishing touch  The Drew Team PCH Tree 2018

Donations accepted through December 5th

If interested in joining us to decorate the Tree at PCH the morning of December 1st please give us a call.

Donations can be dropped off at 22211 S Ellsworth Rd  Queen Creek, AZ 85142 

(SouthWest Mountain Realty office just South of Ocotillo Rd)

Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5PM  or call to make arrangements (480) 256-2868

    Sheryl and Drew Team PCH Tree 2018   Jeremy Drew Team PCH Tree                                     

Come say hello, drop a new stuffed animal (or 10).  We are also looking for donations to stock up the Family Care Cart! See LIST of needed items below!  


1 Cool School Drew Team PCH Donations  The Drew Team and Phoenix Children's Hosptial  PCH Teddy Bear Tree

Donations needed:

The Family Care Cart: This cart provides families with essentials for when       they spend extended periods of time at the hospital. They need:

·       Personal hygiene items (tooth brush/paste, deodorant, etc)

·       Hair accessories, Non-skid socks, Adult-size blankets (new)

·       Decks of cards, Sudoku games, word search games, etc. (new)

·       Coloring books/crayons for All Ages (new)




*** Prefer to make a direct monetary donation?  Click below! ***

The Drew Team supporting PCH

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Oct. 1, 2019

Trunk or Treat in Queen Creek - Safe, Family Fun!!!

   The Drew Team is excited to be part of the Queen Creek Trunk or Treat festivities this October 19th!  If you are looking for a fun, family friendly event and a safe alternative to walking the dark streets of the neighborhood, this is a great chance to join community!

   Today we made a donation at the recreation center, part of keeping the event safe is having kids in a controlled environment AND being sure the treats are just that!  If you'd like to join us in supporting this great even you can do so until the 11th on the East side of the library building, get details HERE.

    So come out and join us along with the rest of the community on October 19th from 5-9pm for all the games, lights, events and of course the treats as it is sure to be a fantastic and fun time for the whole family.  For more details on the days events click below.

Trunk or Treat with The Drew Team in Queen Creek

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Aug. 6, 2019

Handing Keys 19 Times in July!

Summer is slow in AZ, right?  WRONG!  The DREW Team is grateful to have served so many people this summer, and particularly in July, handing over keys 19 times!!! That made it one of the most fun (and challenging) months in our decade long history of serving.  However when you get to help BROTHERS each get into their first home within days of each other you can't help but smile seeing them building their futures!

Brothers first home        

One of the truths we are passionate about is that everyone has a unique situation so our only aim is to help YOU reach YOUR goals...  and those 2 worked hard to get here.   Let me share a little about some other families and show you some of the great homes below too.  

   Sold in 1 Day Drew Team SWMR   Best on Tour The DREW Team SOLD

We were able to actually sell 2 homes BEFORE they were even listed because we had buyers needing the homes!  Even got two homes sold in the first weekend for a family moving to a multi-gen home where the parents and children could have separate living spaces but be on the same property to support each other!  Seeing this much more often.   

Sold Drew Team homes in San Tan Valley   family homes for sale queen creek drew team  homes sold queen creek family drew team

We had the great joy of helping a single dad of 3 girls get into a fabulous home that was near their school so he could be confident his work schedule would not impact them being able to focus on a great education -- we love the work ethic and passion he has to be the best parent possible!

pool homes sold queen creek drew team   single level homes san tan valley drew team   homes for sale san tan queen creek drew team

Family was a strong theme this month as we has some people move across the street, across town or across the entire country to be near family!  The Drew Team finds great joy in seeing these families get closer both emotionally and geographically.

multi generation homes queen creek drew team     beautiful gilbert home for sale drew team     adult living san tan valley queen creek drew team real estate

Also saw some long standing dreams get met, this fuels our desire to serve...  from seeing people getting to the "retirement" home and community they'd been looking forward to for years...  to the young couple who are moving into the dream home they had build...   so appreciative to help them get to the next chapter in their lives!

land acreage custom home queen creek drew team sold  new build home discount save drew team  homes for sale san tan queen creek drew team sold



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April 8, 2019

Drew Team Serving 13 Families in March!

Handing Keys to 13 Families!!!The Drew Team Serving Families Buy Sell Homes

March was a fabulous, busy and rewarding month for The Drew Team as we served 13 families in achieving their goals of home ownership or sale.   In the midst of a brokerage move to SouthWest Mountain Realty AND a physical office move (just 100 yards down the street to 22211 S Ellsworth Rd) we were able to do what we love to do, SERVE!

The Drew Team REALTORs Queen Creek           The Drew Team Open House Home Sales Queen Creek

So as soon as we were getting out new signs up homes were selling, keep an eye out as we have more coming but they are selling fast!  If you want to know how to get top dollar for your house and have it sold in the shortest time possible contact us to find out how.  If you are wanting to purchase a home, move up or find an investment we can do that with great tools and a local expertise that is unmatched!

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Aug. 15, 2018

Offer Letters - Good, Bad or Ugly? Protecting Yourself

If you own a property in the Phoenix Valley and specifically the South East valley (Queen Creek, Gilbert, San Tan etc) you have likely received an "offer letter" or "instant offer"  to purchase you home.  Have you?   If so, it likely touts "immediate cash" or "fair market offer" and denigrates the fees of REALTORs. 

In the short video below I talk about an actual offer and the numbers they provide, the photo of the letter and explanation of the numbers below.

Unlike some REALTORs I don't believe the senders of these letters are evil nor do I believe they are going to fundamentally change real estate...  in fact, there are times it MAY be a good choice for an owner.  My focus is on being sure a home owner has the right information to make a decision that actually helps them to reach THEIR GOALS. 

However it is important to remember why anyone spends the time and money to write tens of thousands of these offer letters?  Because they can make money!   Nothing wrong with that but do you want them making it off YOU


So here is the actual offer presented to me.

Offer Letter Cost

Let me start by going through each line/number so it is clear that they only present what they want to show you, with no explanation and there is no negotiation - "take it or leave it" is what they said. 

A. OFFER/CONTRACT PRICE:  The first number is their offer to purchase.   Notice the $235,300 is listed in column 1, which is their offer.   They also use that number in column 2 for a traditional home sale.  NOTICE their price is NOT negotiable and they PRESUME to tell you a REALTOR would list your home at the same price.  NOT LIKELY.

FACT:  The Offer Letter is NOT negotiable AND as a REALTOR I would list this home for thousands more.

B. SERVICE CHARGE: This line is the FEE the offer company is CHARGING YOU for the privilege of having them buy your house.  What EXACTLY do they need over $16,471 dollars from the owner for?  And it is NOT negotiable!

C.  AGENT FEES: They even admit that these fees for working with a REALTOR would be LESS than the offer letter Service Charge.  Plus they don't tell you that agent fees are negotiable, so they decided what this number was for you!

FACT:  The offer letter Service Charge is NOT negotiable (and higher) going to someone who works for their own benefit...   Agent fees are for the Agent to represent you, that agent has responsibility as a legal fiduciary to you and will market & negotiate for you.  Plus an agent only gets paid if they help you reach YOUR goals.

D. REPAIR COSTS: Notice this is TBD or To Be Determined.  Interesting it states they may request repairs but they call it "repair costs" because what the prefer to do is come in later with a reduction to the offer price to cover those repairs.

FACT:  Someone with the offer letter company will be deciding what repairs are needed and what they would cost.   IF you go with an agent (obligated to work in YOUR best interests) they will tell you what repairs would make a difference in getting you more money and likely be able to suggest good local people to do the work at a reasonable cost. 

E. CLOSING COSTS:  The Offer Letter folks state here it is only $1773 if you go with them BUT they MISLEAD you without any explanation about if you go with an agent by stating it will be $8832!!!   I want to be very clear, closing costs when you list with an agent are NEGOTIATED between buyer and seller...  AND in this market I don't remember the last time a client/seller who worked with us paid nearly $9000 of closing costs!  This is blatantly misleading and self serving on the part of the investor company making this offer.

FACT:  People who write offer letters represent their own interests ONLY and demonstrate it with their offers by failing to disclose, deliberately assuming worst case and taking advantage of the fact that no one will tell you different.   

THIS IS WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO GET ALL THE INFORMATION.  If you talk to a REALTOR they can explain each of these pieces and show you real numbers.   In this particular example, even with them admitting their service charge is more than typical agent fees, they are still showing you an estimated proceeds that is to the wrong side by over $15,000 dollars which they know adds to their own profit AT YOUR EXPENSE!

If you are reading this you are on my REALTOR website where there is other information.  Myself and my small team of agents has served over 600 families and we have over 150 reviews on this that you can peruse. 

We can show you an offer to sell without marketing/showing.

We can show you how to get top dollar in the shortest amount of time. (right now it is a great sellers market!)

We can even show you customized plans for YOUR unique situations.

We do this ALL while being ethically/legally obligated to do so honestly and transparently.   WHY would you consider taking an offer from someone who has no obligation to consider your well being and will not give you alternatives to compare? What really matters are YOUR goals!



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Aug. 10, 2018

Named America's Best AGAIN in July - Reaching YOUR goals!

July was another great month of helping families accomplish their goals. Plus those efforts had The Drew Team also named to America's Best real estate agent teams for the 3rd year in a row because we know what matters...   YOU!

The Drew Team top 1% America's Best AgentThe Drew Team named America's Best AGAIN!  The Drew Team America's Best 2017 

While we could use more homes to sell (considering selling, click here!) - lots of buyers who want homes!   That didn't stop us from handing keys to 7 families & helping 3 others to secure contracts.  In a competitive market it is invigorating to see happy faces of families starting the next chapter!

 The Drew Team Serving  in Queen Creek     The Drew Team sells San Tan Valley    The Drew Team helping families in Merrill Ranch    The Drew Team Sells Florence   While a hot market is challenging for buyers there are great opportunities for finding a fantastic home, the key is have people working to reach your goals, doing so with tools and expertise to give you an advantage is vital!  As you can see from the reviews for Casey Hurlburt, Robin McAvoy and Chris Taylor (below) the experience really makes a difference.

  The Drew Team Helping Families in San Tan Valley  The Drew Team sells Pool Homes  Chris Taylor Drew Team Review 

Thankfully we have those tools and our team works hard to be sure we understand the wants/needs of clients so we can help them make the most of opportunities.  As you can see by the reviews below, The Drew Team puts into practice the knowledge and expertise gleaned from helping hundreds of people achieve their real estate goals!

 Robin McAvoy Drew Team Review  The Drew Team Sells San Tan Valley  The Drew Team Sells Queen Creek

The Drew Team Sells Queen Creek          The Drew Team serves San Tan Valley    Casey Hurlburt Drew Team Review                                      The Drew Team Serves Queen Creek                                           The Drew Team serves Valley wide



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July 24, 2018

Home Purchase/Mortgage Process RANT

Pre-Approval - reaching YOUR goals!  

It also helps your REALTOR to keep the process smooth and less stressful.  However it requires just a few minutes and a bit of effort on your part, regardless of what an advertisement says...  see the video for a quick rant about misleading ads!  We don't do mortgages, but we know the right information is critical.

You may notice I'm a bit passionate about this subject and so is our team, BECAUSE you deserve better!  What do I mean by that?  As REALTORs it is a disservice to you if we go show you homes, let you fall in love with one THEN cause you to miss out on it...  and this can happen for a number of reasons, here are just 2.   

First in AZ if you don't have the pre-qualification form (specific to Arizona) we can't submit an offer because it is required in the purchase contract.  So, in this competitive market homes sell quickly, if it takes another day to get pre-qualified, then that house may be gone before you get a chance to make the offer.  

The Drew Team Reaching YOUR Goals

Second, you may have a good grasp of your financial situation, but credit scores for a mortgage are different than for other purchases.  For numerous reasons, you may qualify for slightly less than you thought.  Example:  your online research leads you to believe you would qualify for a home at $325,000.   You fall in love with a home listed at $315,000.  Seems great, fits all your needs and under EXPECTED budgetHowever when you talk to a lender and provide the documentation - you qualify for $305,000.   Small difference, BUT homes sell at 99%+ of list price, you could not make a competitive offer. NOW, you must start shopping for homes again but it all looks/feels different

What you saw               what you see

Often times none of the homes in your price range match the home you previously saw.  By shopping homes before you were pre-approved it put you in a tough spot...   you likely would have been happy with a $300.000 home...  but you fell in love with a home out of your budget, now it feels like nothing in budget compares - very frustrating.

At The Drew Team we know helping you avoid the situations above are critical to helping you find the right home at a great price in which you will be happy for years to come!


BONUS point!  Most national, big bank and online lenders don't participate in LOCAL Down Payment Assistance or First Time Buyer Programs  CLICK HERE to See Why It Matters!

The Drew Team sharing about 1st Time Home Buyer & Down Payment Assistance Programs

 Here is a good visual for what the actual process looks like and why "click, to get" isn't really honest...  but a good lender can do this with a quick call or online application and bit of documentation from you very quickly.

Process of getting a mortgage - The Drew Team

Want a more humorous look at the issue of pre-approval check THIS out! 

Lighter Side of Pre Approval

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July 17, 2018

July 2018 Market Update - The Drew Team

July's Queen Creek Area Real Estate Market UPDATE!

Common Arizona myth: the real estate market slows down in the summer, HOWEVER the truth is that it remains strong, and July 2018 numbers prove it!  Hear about it in the video below or keep reading to see the numbers below.

Currently in the Queen Creek/San Tan area we have 440 homes for sale under $500,000 and another 429 homes already under contract, meaning they are just in the process of completing paperwork before homes change hands.   What makes these numbers truly interesting is that they are both higher than in January of this year.  That is right, more homes for sale and MORE homes under contract.

          Summer Real Estate Remains Hot - Considering Selling?       HOT market - Click to see Home Value     Click to find out YOUR home value

IMPORTANT, last year we only had half that many homes under contract.  Go ahead ask, its ok...    SO WHAT, right?  Good question.  Homes are selling nearly twice as fast as they did in July 2017!   In fact, last year homes were on the market  2-3 months before they sold, in 2018 it is just about down to 1 month.  Additionally, in the case of homes we have sold at The Drew Team over the last 6 weeks our average has been less than 2 WEEKs! 

See Homes Sold in JUNE - The Drew Team  Home Selling - find the value of YOUR home

The real estate market has not slowed.  We really need more homes to sell to buyers who want to purchase NOW! Partly because there are some great new Down Payment Assistance Programs and Updated First Time Buyer Programs you may qualify if you haven't purchased in the last 3 years!

Yes, you read that correctly. Read more about those programs HERE.

   Down Payment Assistance - 1st Time Buyer   Find a great home - The Drew Team 

So the real estate market is very strong.  If you are a seller, this is a great time to get top dollar and to sell fast with much less hassle.  If you have been getting letters in the mail from wholesalers trying to purchase your home, let us show you the truth about how much more you can put in your pocket in just a couple of weeks!   If you are a buyer we can connect you to a great lender who can help you take advantage of historically low interest rates that give you great purchase power. And let us show you a process that will reduce stress so you know what to expect along with ensuring you get into a great home that you will love!




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July 10, 2018

Congrats and Welcome to Chris Taylor!

Congratulations to one of our newest team members, Chris Taylor!  He just had the chance to hand keys to a VERY HAPPY client for the first time as a part of The Drew Team.  We are excited for him, his clients and the community as we know the time & effort Chris put into making the transaction as smooth as possible!

5 star review Chris, The Drew Team Happy Clients, The Drew Team

This is what we are about at The Drew Team, reaching our client's goals! Want proof? See ALL OUR REVIEWS - CLICK HERE! Congrats Chris on putting a smile on their face and helping them find a great home in the right location and on budget.  Glad to have you on the team and serving clients together! 

Search for Homes               Search for Homes

Search for homes HERE!

A bit more about Chris...He brings over 20 years of home building experience to the Drew Team along with a history of exemplary customer service. Chris fell in love with Arizona and packed up his Real Estate business from the east coast, and has moved to the South East Valley with his wife, Pattey.  He also gained real-world experience to help his clients that may be relocating to Arizona.  Chris's goal in every transaction is to have great communication and take as much stress out of the transaction as possible for all his clients.   

Chris Taylor, The Drew Team Chris can be reached directly at (443) 903-1011 or via email Chris@findmyhomeinaz.com

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