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Sept. 8, 2021

5 Myths of the Real Estate Market in 2021

What is really happening in Arizona real estate today? 

Give this short video a watch to find out!

5 Myth of the 2021 Real Estate Market

Myth 1   -  "There are NO Homes for sale"

The numbers are actually up slightly from earlier this year!  Back in March we saw active homes for sale in the Phoenix valley as low as 5000...  today (Sept 7,2021)  there are over 7000 homes available.  That means if you are among those that put your home shopping plans on hold due to lack of options, it may be time to take another look!   It is still a seller's market BUT supply of homes is near 1 month (far better than the 2 weeks).

Myth 2    -   "Closing Dates are impossible to coordinate"

There is a lot of frustration and angst regarding this one!   Even many inexperienced agents have just given up...   HOWEVER the truth is that there are many creative ways to handle aligning closing dates or working other aspects to accomplish your goals.  Whether that means, extending the closing dates, move them up, staying in current home after close, getting early access to new property or something entirely different.   The Drew Team has had success navigating this challenge and helping clients win.   In fact we have accomplished this numerous times in 2021!

Myth 3    -   "Advertisers will make competitive Market value offers"

In the video is an example relating to what we call "one-trick-pony" companies.  Here I'd like to address specifically the investor/corporate buyers who love to say they will make you an offer "at market value."   Simply put that is impossible to prove or guarantee because NO ONE can anticipate what could happen on the open market!   The reality is that some buyers will have a motivation much higher than anyone else... examples include when a buyer has a friend/family in the neighborhood, there is a special need or even just a sentimental attachment.  All of these (among a myriad of other factors) may cause a buyer to go well beyond the norm for price, terms and/or concessions.

Myth 4    -   "The Market is slowing down"

Just today I've seen 3 articles with some variation of the headline that "real estate continues cool down" but when you read the articles none of them can demonstrate a change of more than 2%!  So here is a graphic that demonstrates what it looks like here in the Phoenix Valley of Arizona:

Arizona Real Estate Remains Consistent with The Drew Team winning!

If you notice over the last three months we have slight up and down on number of closings/home sold but we also have seen a slight uptick in number of homes available for sale -- THIS IS A VERY GOOD THING!   In a typical market where buyer/sellers have equal advantage the supply should be 90 days but right now we are hovering at about 4 weeks of inventory (so it is still a seller's market)  but that is up from only 2 weeks of inventory.  SO WHAT?  There is a better opportunity for buyers to find a property now, sellers still have a VERY strong position.

Myth 5    -   "This is a Bubble"

Stunned by the number of voices still pushing this narrative!  The reality is this, WE HAVE A HOUSING SHORTAGE.   Additionally the prices are not "out of control" as you may hear in various circles, it is really right where it should be after numerous YEARS of stunted grow.  Here is a quick graphic to demonstrate what it looks like, keep in mind we have a 60+ year average of 3.6(ish)% growth in home values, but are finally correcting for a 9 run below the average:

Home growth average is strong with The Drew Team Arizona   Recovery from down market with the Drew Team Arizona

In addition we have stronger mortgages with better qualified owners, the equity position is significantly better and there have been far less people pulling money out of their homes BUT the largest factor is still simply that only HALF the homes were built in the last decade as in prior, yet demand has continued to grow -- it will takes years to build the homes to bridge this gap!

Bonus Myth: "The Drew Team works a small area"

We focus on the East Valley but work the most of central Arizona and we have connections around the country and beyond as well.    Take a look at our 2021 so far and you will see have have served in over 70 transactions (the average agent does 4 in a year) and they have been over a large portion of the Phoenix Valley.  What ever your goals, it is our passion to reach YOUR goals, that is what we consider success at The Drew Team and why we have been name for a 5th straight year to America's Best Real Estate Teams, placing us among the top 1% of agents in the country!


The Drew Team Reaching YOUR Goals in real estate Arizona    The Drew Team America's Best real estate team

The Drew Team is Robin and Steven Drew, Nancy Horn, Robin McAvoy, Casey Hurlburt and Tom Walton...  meet the team HERE!

                                               Thank you to our partners in serving First Responders:

The Drew Team and Magnus title The Drew Team and Jason Wojtyna at Fairway Mortgage

The Drew Team serving First Responders in saving thousands

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Aug. 23, 2021

The Drew Team 5th Year Ranked Among America's Best Small Real Estate Teams

The Drew Team Ranked America's Best Real Estate Team Agents 5 straight years

Thank you to all who gave The Drew Team an opportunity to serve!

To us it means we are serving at a high level to be sure we reach YOUR goals!

Here is what Real Trends about the America's Best rankings...

RealTrends + Tom Ferry Announce 2021 America’s Best Real Estate Professionals List

16th Annual Real Estate Ranking

The Drew Team at SWMR was Named to RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals in Arizona.


(Queen Creek, Arizona August 23, 2021) The Drew Team of SouthWest Mountain Realty was named one of America’s most productive sales teams as a part of RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals, a ranking report produced by RealTrends and Tom Ferry International.  The Drew Team is now a member of the “America’s Best Real Estate Agents,” and ranked number 18 for the state of Arizona


RealTrends America’s Best Real Estate Professionals ranks over 18,500 residential real estate professionals solely based on their excellence in real estate sales during calendar year 2020. All production numbers are independently verified by a third party to ensure accuracy and report integrity. This group of highly successful real estate sales agents represents the top 1 percent of all real estate practitioners in the United States.


“Congratulations to The Drew Team who made the America’s Best list,” says Tom Ferry, owner and founder of Tom Ferry International. "I have the pleasure of working with successful real estate professionals day in and day out, and I know all the hard work, late nights, and huge effort that goes into achieving such incredible results," says Ferry. “There are multiple ways to become successful in real estate. Yet, despite the differences, the real estate professionals on this list have one thing in common—they are simply the best. Congratulations to all recipients of this prestigious recognition.”


The America’s Best are ranked in ten categories:

By Transactions 

Individuals by Transaction Sides

Teams, Small (2-5 licensed members) by Transaction Sides

Teams, Medium (6-10) by Transaction Sides

Teams, Large (11-20) by Transaction Sides
Team, Mega (21+) by Transaction Sides


By Volume 

Individuals by Volume

Teams, Small (2-5) by Volume

Teams, Medium (6-10) by Volume

Teams, Large (11-20) by Volume

Team, Mega (21+) by Volume


To qualify for inclusion, an individual agent must have closed at least 50 transaction sides or $20 million in sales volume in 20
20. For real estate agent teams, the minimum is 75 transaction sides or $30 million in closed sales volume.


"Those individual agents and teams who make up the 2021 America’s Best Real Estate Professionals represent only about 1.5% of all Realtors® in the country yet account for over 10% of the closed transactions, and more than 16% of all the sales volume closed last year,” says Steve Murray, Special Advisor to HW Media LLC. “To say that (insert Name) is an exceptional sales professional is an understatement. To attain this level of sales is extraordinary.”


“I’m pleased and honored four our team to be ranked among the country’s top residential real estate agents,” says Steven Drew. “It represents the time and effort that we put into each client that we serve and how much work it takes to build a successful real estate career. The level of sales it takes to qualify makes it a special recognition.”


Information on those receiving this recognition can be found online at



RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals honors America's finest real estate agents and their companies and is compiled and analyzed by RealTrends.


The rankings are compiled based on surveys from virtually every nationally branded network, many state and local associations of Realtors®, MLSs, all applicants from past years’ rankings, and the 900 largest brokerage firms in the United States. Verification from an independent source is required for all submissions. In addition, RealTrends senior staff reviews every submission for completeness and accuracy.


About The RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand

The RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals ranking report is sponsored jointly by RealTrends and Tom Ferry International. RealTrends America’s Best honors America’s elite real estate agents and their companies and is compiled and analyzed by RealTrends.


RealTrends is a leading source of analysis and information for the residential real estate brokerage industry. Tom Ferry International is a nationwide real estate business and life coaching and training company. 



For Immediate Release                                                     Contact: Liz Smith       

June 11, 2021                                                                                    720-219-4272 



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July 21, 2021

Welcome Tom Walton to the Team!

The Drew Team Welcomes Tom Walton

The summer has been a busy time of serving and growing to serve YOU better!

First we are welcoming Tom Walton to the team.  Tom has already had a successful career and chose a move to Arizona for its amazing climate, diversity and opportunity.   We are excited to have Tom join the team as he brings a passion to serve and a want to help you reach your goals.  WELCOME TOM!!!

While many REALTORs are complaining, The Drew Team is WINNING for YOU!

In June we won 17 contracts for clients:  9 buyers got offers accepted and 8 sellers got the number they wanted!   Yes there is low inventory and a very competitive market BUT we are helping our clients win even against multiple offers.  The inventory is down about 40% from 18 months ago, however in July we are still averaging 6000+ homes available across the Phoenix Valley.

The Drew Team Winning in a competitive Market

Every member of the team won multiple contracts for their clients in June.   If you are concerned about closing dates, having extra time to move, making the most money with the least hassle...  we can craft a custom marketing strategy and a completion plan to reach YOUR goals.  Don't settle for a one-trick-pony that stuffs you into a box.  Certainly don't take an offer from a big investor who only represents themselves!  We can show you what the real estate market will get you, in addition we can get you multiple offers from different investors who will compete to purchase your home instead of just SAYING they are competitive, you will see what is really possible. 

Don't short change yourself when we can get you ALL the options and YOU can decide what is best for YOUR situation.  Obviously while Robin & Steven Drew, Robin McAvoy and Casey Hurlburt are winning for clients we want to be sure to be available for YOU too!  That is why we are so excited to have Tom Walton come onboard.

Curious HOW we can reach YOUR goals?

Give us a call at (480) 256-2868


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July 6, 2021

Jaxton's Heart Warriors Golf Tournament 2021

Exciting return to Jaxton's Heart Warriors!  

2021 allowed The Drew Team to continue sponsorship of this fantastic golf tournament supporting Phoenix Children's Hospital with our amazing friends the Hansen family and son Jaxton.

   Jaxton Heart Warrior PCH The Drew Team  

This year the event hosted 46 foursomes teeing off at 7am as we all knew the day was headed to some very warm temps nearing 118 degrees.   However it was a beautiful morning and a fantastic cause!   The Drew Team is immensely grateful for the opportunity to have served the Hansen family in their first home purchase which has lead to a wonderful friendship.  We have been long-time supporters of PCH but the Hansen's story will help you see this tournament is near to our heart for many reasons...

Jaxton's Heart Warriors & PCH  Jaxton PCH The Drew Team        

In the picture above you can see the tournament namesake, Jaxton along with his lovely sister and his Grandpa, an event organizer.   Jaxton had heart issues and required surgery at Phoenix Children's Hospital.  The Hansen's bills were covered by donations and soon after they decided the best way to give back was to pay that gift forward IN A BIG WAY:  Jasxton's Heart Warriors Golf Tournament was born!

The Drew Team supports PCH Jaxton Heart Warriors       The Drew Team Jaxtons Heart Warriors PCH

Jaxton has required subsequent surgery, but you can see he is a healthy, active boy and he is out there helping raise funds for other families.   The Drew Team is so thankful for our relationship with both the Hansen family and with PCH as it allows us to stay connected to impacting children and families throughout the valley.   

The tournament always features fantastic golf like we enjoyed at Wild Horse on the Devil's Claw course at Whirlwind.  It also has some great raffle prices, 50/50 raffle, fun challenges, hole-in-one, putting contest, lunch and awards.

You can find more about the tournament and how to join us at the Heart Warrior Foundation Website or at the Facebook Page for Jaxtion's Heart Warriors.

As always The Drew Team was supported by some of our great partners who came out to join us, like Jason Wojtyna and his team at Fairway Independent Mortgage  who sponsors some great poker tournament too.  Also out was our friend Blake who is Big Show Autos and a fellow PCH supporter.  Also our friend Chris from Magnus Title joined us along with past client Joe. The Drew Team's Steven Drew, Tom Walton and Casey Hurlburt  continue our tradition!

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May 18, 2021

Is it a Bubble or an Opportunity?

     Ever notice how a smell can bring back a memory, good or bad?  Sometimes a taste or a sound...  sometimes a circumstance that feels so very familiar...  like, say 2007?   Yet it is equally true that the very thing that triggers a memory has little to do with what IS or COULD happen in the future.    You likely won't be surprised to hear from us that there is a common question we have been hearing for the last few months: "Is this a bubble?  Are prices going to fall?

     To answer this in a general way and address what this very hot real estate market means for us in Arizona, the video below will give you a quick market update.  It will also address a few of the issues/opportunities for both sellers and buyers - stay tuned as we will be doing a deeper dive into these issues soon.  For now, take a look!

The Market Today in the Queen Creek/San Tan region:  (We can work all of Arizona but this is an example)

Active homes for sale          158

Pending homes in contract   560                     INVENTORY      11 DAYS  (.37 months supply)

Closed homes last 30 days   420

A good quality home that is priced appropriately today is likely to have multiple offers within a couple of days.  Some areas we work it is slightly less competition, like Casa Grande, in others it is even more competition like Chandler.  If you want to know what is happening in YOUR neighborhood just let us know!


What this means for SELLERs:

FIRST - you likely have good equityA competitive offer can only be determined with the open market!  Those ads from wholesalers (Offerdoor/OpenPad/Zippo etc) can't predict what a homebuyer will do up against other offers - but they do want to buy your house and sell it at a profit after charging you big fees!

SECOND - the seller has leverage.  We have helped many sellers to close, get the cash in hand AND be able to stay in the house additional time while finding their next home.  The Drew Team can help negotiate terms that fit YOUR goals - closing date, earnest money, inspection terms to avoid repairs etc.

THIRD - YOUR situation is unique, don't trust your biggest asset to a one-trick pony that built a process for their profit instead of maximizing YOUR benefit.  We have the experience and expertise to craft a unique plan to reach YOUR goals.  Not sure your goal is possible?  Let's talk and you may be surprised.


What this means for BUYERs:

WHO YOU WORK WITH MATTERS!   Most feel like they can't win.   HOWEVER, we have helped many people reach their home ownership goals this year already.  Our expertise has overcome all kinds of challenges.  One example:  Recently negotiated a contract that was financed with a contingent sale that beat out a cash offer!  HOW, our experience and ability to negotiate is a KEY component to how we can help you win!

STILL AFFORDABLE...   with interest rates historically low a buyer's purchase power is still at an all time high.   Don't wait to become a home owner.   The market is strong, stable and building is taking longer and costs have skyrocketed, we can show you how make the most of NOW and save in the future too.

Look for more videos that will tackle many of the details we have only begun to touch on.

PS:  Help us spread the word for our First Responder Progam at

We are excited to honor those in Firefighters, in Law Enforcement and EMTs that serve our communities!

Thanks to our partners who make the program possible:

Magnus Title Sponsors First Responders     Ability Home Inspection honors First Responders Jason Wojtyna honors First Responders  





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March 31, 2021

What's holding you back from selling NOW?

Arizona real estate is HOT right now and most home owners have more equity than they realize!  Additionally they have many more OPTIONS than they know!

The Drew Team sell homes fast for top dollar less stress

We work the entire Phoenix valley but here is a great example of what we accomplished this past weekend in the Queen Creek area.  We ALSO accomplished some unique terms to help these sellers REACH THEIR GOAL.  We can do the same for YOU!

Obviously homes are selling FAST, with MULTIPLE offers and for MORE money than most expected, however we ALSO got some great additional terms, perks and conveniences to help RELIEVE STRESS!

Here are some examples of what we accomplished on recent sales for our sellers:

** Selling the home in 24 hours!

** Securing the seller's ability to stay in home an additional 6 months AFTER the sale is completed! (Money in pocket)

** Having the buyers cover some or even ALL of the sellers closing costs!

** Buyer waiving appraisal or agreeing to pay THOUSANDS over the appraisal value!

** Buyer waived the inspection, so that NO REPAIRS would need to be done!

Every situation is unique, just like YOUR situation is unique, so what matters most is having a TEAM on your side that will work to reach YOUR goals.   Unlike the companies bombarding you with radio ads and mailers (Open Door, OfferPad, Zillow, Homie, 72 Sold etc)...   we at The Drew Team do TWO unique things:

1. We create a flexible plan TAYLORED to YOU and YOUR goals.

2. We represent ONLY YOU so that you know what a competitive offer actually is by showing you ALL the options.

Don't settle for some marketing company, investor or canned approach to the most unique situation! YOUR situation deserves a customize approach that will relieve stress and reach YOUR goals!  That is what we have done for nearly 13 years at The Drew Team!   It is also why we have a 5 star rating on Facebook, Google and Zillow with over 200 reviews.

So what is holding you back from taking advantage of this fantastic seller's market?     Contact us and allow us the privilege to serve you in overcoming the obstacles to making your Home Dream's come true TODAY!

The Drew Team sold fast for top dollar less stress The Drew Team sold fast for top dollar less stress The Drew Team sold fast for top dollar less stress


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March 19, 2021

The Key to Selling Fast for Top Dollar and Less Stress!

The real estate market in Arizona is extremely competitive and sellers are in the driver's seat.   No surprise there, right?   Here is an example of how we are helping our seller's capitalize on that market:

The Drew Team sell your house for top dollar fast

However wholesalers are advertising to make it seem like a huge hassle to sell - even though most of our clients sell their home the first weekend.  They are spending HUGE dollars to get this message out, ever wonder why?  Because they are making big money convincing you NOT to compare options. And there are options! 


Wholesalers go by many names (OpenDoor, OfferPad, Knock and more).  Most say they will give you a competitive offer.  Competitive with what?  Other wholesalers!   Did you know most of them have fees that are far more than the commission they are telling you to avoid?  Did you also know it is considered unethical for agents to agree with each other on commission? It is ALWAYS negotiable with agents. That means these companies discussing it publically DON"T act as agents and DON'T represent YOU!       WE DO!

The Drew Team 5 Star Review Real Estate Sell your home


Why is this important?  Because if they DON'T represent YOU, then they are building their profits on you.  An agent and more so a REALTOR, like us on The Drew Team choose to represent you in a Fiduciary capacity.  That means we MUST put your financial best interests FIRST (even before our own).   

The last point is that these companies are selling convenience...  less showings, more flexibility etc.  Sounds good right?  BUT they still need to view the home, do inspections and have limits.   YET, if you choose to be represented by a REALTOR, like us at The Drew Team you have the opportunity for true competition to give you all the terms you want.   

A few examples of what competition produced from the last couple of months at The Drew Team:

- Buyers have waived inspections completely (wholesalers never do).

- Buyers have been willing to let the Seller stay in the home an additional 3 months while finding a new home.

- Buyers have paid more than the appraised value to win the home.

- Buyers paying up to 15% more for a home than it was listed at.

- Typically we have multiple offers the first weekend (no more showings needed)

The Drew Team sell your home for top dollar Queen Creek San Tan Valley Arizona   The Drew Team 5 star Reviews Arizona real estate

So the wholesales most often take more of your money in fees, more of your time process and they eliminate the competition that will help you sell for Top Dollar AND get you the Best Terms for YOUR unique situation.    Please consider your options.  We at The Drew Team have been serving Arizona for more than a decade, serving in nearly 1000 home sales and have 100s of 5 star reviews because we represent YOU and want to be the Key to reaching YOUR goals.





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Feb. 23, 2021

Help Us Honor Our First Responders!

We want to serve those who faithfully serve our community! 

The Drew Team wants to say THANK YOU to First Responders.   Our passions is to serve, but we wanted to do something tangible for law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs.  This short video gives a brief overview of how we partnered to save them thousands. 



This is a program we want to make available to all our local heroes so border patrol agents & correctional officers are eligible as law enforcement.  We want to serve those who serve!  Below is printable flyer we hope our neighbors will share:


The Drew Team Saving First Responders Thousands

We are passionate about HONORING those who keep us safe!  


* The Drew Team to cover $1500 of your closing costs OR reduce commission - money stays in YOUR pocket!

* The JW Team at Fairway Independent Mortgage will cover the cost of your appraisal completely (FREE) up to $700 stays in your pocket!

* Magnus Title Agency will reduce their title fee by $500!

* Ability Home Inspections will discount the cost of home inspection by $80!

Again we say THANK YOU!

The Drew Team's own Steven Drew has been a volunteer fire fighter and knows there are a lot of programs out there, most of which take a huge fee and pass on a token savings to the first responder...  So this program was created in house and these savings are direct to YOU keeping money in your pocket because we understand the sacrifice and service you bring to our community!  Every team member and partner has a personal reason for wanting to be part of this, but it all starts with gratefulness for those who serve our community!  THANK YOU!

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Jan. 20, 2021

Grateful to Serve 102 times in 2020!


To view on YouTube click it HERE

2020 was a year of challenges AND opportunity for us at The Drew Team!   While this is a business, it is also our passion to serve our community...   yes, in real estate, but also in giving, serving & seeing lives changed for the better.  Little did we know how many opportunities would be born out of the challenges.

Like so many of you we entered 2020 with "plans." Past client events, charity poker & golf events + more! Soon that would all feel like an April Fools joke.   HOWEVER we DID still raise thousands of dollars for Phoenix Children's Hospital, Supported Hope Women's Center AND hosted our Past Client Appreciation give away (including a new TV).  

Drew Team supports Hope Women's center    The Drew Team   The Drew Team supports Phoenix Children's Hospital

THIS is only possible because the neighbors, visitors, investors and community that allows us to serve them!  In 2020 we again had the privilege of handing keys/deeds 100+ times because of the trust placed in us.   So this is really a gratitude post to say THANK YOU to those who gave us the opportunity amidst the challenges of 2020.

Additionally we created a logo this year to demonstrate what we are focused on...   being the Key to reaching YOUR real estate goals!   That is the aim that keeps us pushing to impact our community, using our expertise and experience (rapidly approaching 1,000 property transactions in the SouthEast Valley). 

The Drew Team Giving Back Past client giveaway fudge and popcorn The Drew Team The Drew Team TV giveaway past clients The Drew Team Appreciation past clients

The truth is that there are easier ways to make a living but their are very few that are so satisfying -- Once again, THANK YOU for allowing us to serve you in so many ways! 

We also launched our First Responder program to serve and save money for those that serve our community so sacrificiallyThese are savings directly to the First Responder -- grateful to our partners who joined us in making this a significant!

The Drew Team Serving those who serve community

From Raw Land to Custom Built Homes,  we can hep reach your goals.   We have lender, inspector, construction, property management and remodel partners - everyone necessary to reach your dream regardless of what type of property or project that may look like.

And if you are thinking of moving up, downsizing or cashing out of an investment we have tools and resources!  Contact us to get a simple value or talk about options for reaching your goals.   Remember, by allowing us to serve you we get to also impact our community in many other positive ways BUT the ultimate expression of that is when we are the key to reaching YOUR goals!

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Jan. 5, 2021

How to win in a HOT real estate market...

What to do when you want to move, sell & buy, in a VERY competitive market?

    The real estate market in Arizona (especially the SouthEast Valley) enters 2021 as hot as we've ever seen.   HOWEVER that doesn't mean there aren't opportunities!  Opportunities like the best rates in decades, the greatest gap between rent cost vs home purchase value, and opportunities that we may never see again.

Sold First Weekend with The Drew Team real estate at SWMR    Casey Hurlburt Robin Drew The Drew Team real estate home sales

    So how do YOU take advantage of this opportunity in the real estate market?   The answer is more simple than you'd expect.   Who YOU work with matters more than ever!   At The Drew Team we win multiple bid situations, we find properties BEFORE they hit the market, we even find ways to help families move from their old house into a new home without having to find a temporary place.  In fact we even helped a client who was trying to do "for sale by owner" to take advantage of our marketing/expertise so that they made nearly 10% more on the sale of their house!

   Great Experience sell buy home The Drew team   Winning against multiple offers The Drew Team Arizona real estate

    How can The Drew Team do this?  While that answer is different for each individual sale or purchase, the simple truth that covers everything is that we have experience and expertise that is far beyond most agents.  As an example, the average agent will do 5 or less transactions in AZ this year...   as a 4 agent team we have completed more than 100 sale or purchase contracts multiple years in a row (with a total number or nearly 1,000 since 2009).  So our agents average completing multiple sale/purchases each month, while the average agent is doing NOTHING for months at a time.

     This simple fact means we are working in the market, in the community and aware of the driving force for buyers and sellers, along with a unique understanding how to create an offer that gets accepted without costing you more than necessary!  In 2020 we did this with New Build homes, older homes, condos, multifamily homes, we coordinated sell/buy with no gap numerous times, we did 1031 exchanges, investment property and land. We helped first time buyers, down payment assistance program buyers, those who moved up and those who downsized.  Oh, and we have help buyers/sellers from Canada, Mexico, Qutar, Israel and around the world.  No matter what your goal we can help YOU achieve it!

     Maybe more importantly than everything above is this simple truth, WE LISTEN to YOU!   Nothing is more debilitating in a market like this than running around to look at property you don't want as it takes precious time away from being ready, seeing and getting an offer in on what YOU do want.   So we have a process to ask questions, get information and provide you unique resources that help YOU identify homes that will suite your lifestyle.

The Drew Team Winning for YOU in real estate home sales and purchase arizona Drew Team Reaching Your real estate goals winning Arizona   

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