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March 24, 2020

Get the FACTS about Real Estate, Lending to Reach YOUR Goals

    So much noise in the media right now, some good, some NOT and much of it is incomplete...   weather related to COVID-19, Economy, Real Estate or anything else for that matter!     

     What REALLY MATTERS? Reaching YOUR goals is what matters.   The real estate market remains strong, mortgage rates remain low and as of today Arizona is weathering world events far better than some others.   Here is a quick 90 second video to make the point:



We want to encourage you to reach out to find out how we can help you reach YOUR goals.  Special thanks to Jason Wojtyna and his team who helps us serve you better everyday!

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March 21, 2020

Buying or Selling a Home While Social Distancing - Virtual Tools

      So here we are admidst continuing developements  knowing that some people still NEED/WANT to sell or buy a home...  How can we do that while being conscious of social distancing directives?

       Actually that ability and those tools are already in use by The DREW Team and our partners!  Here is a quick minute video with our partner Jason Wojtyna to demonstrate that truth.


And here is a great graphic to give you more insights as to why you can confidently call on us to help you accomplish YOUR goals!

Virtual Home Buying Tools and Resources The DREW Team

Ready to make your home goals a reality? 

Contact us and reach YOUR goals!


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March 16, 2020

Walking through new challenges

     Before heading home today I really felt like it would be good to share a few thoughts about our local situation here in Arizona as we face the challenges of this virus.    Short video will touch on directives, health, real estate and being aware.  While many facets of life will be different for at least the next few weeks as AZ schools are closed through the end of March, many other areas of life will and must go on - but with a much greater awareness of how we impact each other.

Also stealing some tips from from Myrtle Beach, real estate broker, Greg Harrelson what to focus on right now:

  1. Take care of yourself and your family.
  2. Give more attention to your COI.
  3. People will appreciate a personal touch more than ever.
  4. If you are slow, focus on getting stuff done that you have been procrastinating to get done.
  5. Treat others nicely.
  6. Practice smiling.
  7. Say thank you.
  8. Breathe deep.
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March 11, 2020

Right Time to Sell is Now!

       With a lot of competing stories in the media, from politics to Corona Virus, interest rates to March Madness...  we are asked often if that will hurt the housing market?   The answer is pretty clear when you look at the facts -a resounding NO!  Especially in our local market surrounding the Queen Creek/San Tan area! 

      Let me give you an example from our own experience right here at The Drew Team with homes in the Queen Creek/San Tan area.  In a typical market homes priced properly sell in 60-90 days on average.  Let me show you what our last 4 homes sold looked like for time on the market:

Sold in 4 days (STV/$210K)  Sold in 3 days (Florene/$195K) 

Drew Team sold in 4 days    Drew Team sold in 4 days 

Sold in 1 day (STV/$239K)  Sold in 3 days (QC/$295K)

Drew Team sold day 1    Drew Team SOLD in 3 days

Obvioulsy if you are in the market to sell a property, move up to a larger property, downsize or for any other reason need to sell a house THIS IS A GREAT TIME to do it.   Want more info?  Message us or call (480) 256-2868 so we can help you

reach YOUR goals - just like the sellers above!


           The facts that remain consistent over the last 6 months have not changed,                namely we have a limited supply of homes and plenty of people who still need a home.   HOWEVER we don't have over-building, we have a reformed lender pool and low interest rates along with rents that have out-paced the cost of a mortgage.  It is a great time to be selling your property and we can get it done right!

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March 10, 2020

March 2020 Real Estate Update Queen Creek Area

This short video will get YOU up to date on the real estate market in the QC/STV area:

Four main points to help YOU make the most

of this market & reach YOUR goals!

1. We have less homes for sale - want to SELL? Now is the IDEAL time, reach YOUR goals!

2. There are still homes to buy - want to BUY? We can help AND if you are financing your purchase power is very high as interest rates are historically LOW! PS you can get our professional services at no cost when we help you reach your buying goals.

3. New Home Builders are aware of short inventory and trying to get top dollar - DON'T GO ALONE, having a REALTOR cost you nothing BUT we can often save you money & help navigate the contract details with less stress!

4. Curious about investor offers (Z, Opendoor, Offerpad etc)? Typically they will cost you more money and they only represent themselves, we can show you how to make the most of your equity EVEN getting you offers from them BUT we can show you ALL the options they won't!



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March 6, 2020

Winning in Competitive Real Estate Markets

The Real Estate market in Arizona as a whole and specifically in the SouthEast Valley are competitive and continue to pose challenges for buyers...  as well as opportunities for those that are prepared!    With low interest rates, a strong local economy and low inventory we find that homes are moving quickly, so what can a buyer do to be prepared when sellers know they can wait for an offer they like?  Check out these short videos and find out!


Why Relationships Matter:


Quick Tip #1 with Robin McAvoy:


Quick Tip #2 with Casey Hurlburt:


The Drew Team has been serving the Queen Creek and greater SouthEast Valley for over decade, WHO YOU WORK WITH MATTERS.   Not only can it help you get your offer accepted, but we also work to be sure you understand the process and know what to expect which can greatly reduce the stress of making a move.  So if you are considering a move now or down the road, reach out to us and let us help reach YOUR goals!

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Nov. 2, 2019

Drew Team Market Update Nov 2019

Want to know what is happening in the Queen Creek - San Tan real estate market right now? 

Watch this short video: 


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Nov. 2, 2019

Drew Team PCH Tree & Donation Drive '19


Amazing fully covered tree because of all the wonderful people who donated and partnered with us in supporting PCH!  Were able to give a ton supplies for the Family Care Carts and the Tree was a huge hit with the children, doctors, staff and families who depend on Phoenix Children's Hospital!

Drew Team JW Team and Families  smiling children

smiling children  Drew Team Giving Back decorating with The Drew Team


We're passionate about the AMAZING work of Phoenix Children's Hospital!  Join us again to wrap a tree in New plush animals AND stock The Family Care Carts!

2018's TREE looked like this:

    The Drew Team PCH Tree decorate 2018   Drew Team PCH Tree finishing touch  The Drew Team PCH Tree 2018

Donations accepted through December 5th

If interested in joining us to decorate the Tree at PCH the morning of December 1st please give us a call.

Donations can be dropped off at 22211 S Ellsworth Rd  Queen Creek, AZ 85142 

(SouthWest Mountain Realty office just South of Ocotillo Rd)

Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5PM  or call to make arrangements (480) 256-2868

    Sheryl and Drew Team PCH Tree 2018   Jeremy Drew Team PCH Tree                                     

Come say hello, drop a new stuffed animal (or 10).  We are also looking for donations to stock up the Family Care Cart! See LIST of needed items below!  


1 Cool School Drew Team PCH Donations  The Drew Team and Phoenix Children's Hosptial  PCH Teddy Bear Tree

Donations needed:

The Family Care Cart: This cart provides families with essentials for when       they spend extended periods of time at the hospital. They need:

·       Personal hygiene items (tooth brush/paste, deodorant, etc)

·       Hair accessories, Non-skid socks, Adult-size blankets (new)

·       Decks of cards, Sudoku games, word search games, etc. (new)

·       Coloring books/crayons for All Ages (new)




*** Prefer to make a direct monetary donation?  Click below! ***

The Drew Team supporting PCH

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Oct. 1, 2019

Trunk or Treat in Queen Creek - Safe, Family Fun!!!

   The Drew Team is excited to be part of the Queen Creek Trunk or Treat festivities this October 19th!  If you are looking for a fun, family friendly event and a safe alternative to walking the dark streets of the neighborhood, this is a great chance to join community!

   Today we made a donation at the recreation center, part of keeping the event safe is having kids in a controlled environment AND being sure the treats are just that!  If you'd like to join us in supporting this great even you can do so until the 11th on the East side of the library building, get details HERE.

    So come out and join us along with the rest of the community on October 19th from 5-9pm for all the games, lights, events and of course the treats as it is sure to be a fantastic and fun time for the whole family.  For more details on the days events click below.

Trunk or Treat with The Drew Team in Queen Creek

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Aug. 6, 2019

Handing Keys 19 Times in July!

Summer is slow in AZ, right?  WRONG!  The DREW Team is grateful to have served so many people this summer, and particularly in July, handing over keys 19 times!!! That made it one of the most fun (and challenging) months in our decade long history of serving.  However when you get to help BROTHERS each get into their first home within days of each other you can't help but smile seeing them building their futures!

Brothers first home        

One of the truths we are passionate about is that everyone has a unique situation so our only aim is to help YOU reach YOUR goals...  and those 2 worked hard to get here.   Let me share a little about some other families and show you some of the great homes below too.  

   Sold in 1 Day Drew Team SWMR   Best on Tour The DREW Team SOLD

We were able to actually sell 2 homes BEFORE they were even listed because we had buyers needing the homes!  Even got two homes sold in the first weekend for a family moving to a multi-gen home where the parents and children could have separate living spaces but be on the same property to support each other!  Seeing this much more often.   

Sold Drew Team homes in San Tan Valley   family homes for sale queen creek drew team  homes sold queen creek family drew team

We had the great joy of helping a single dad of 3 girls get into a fabulous home that was near their school so he could be confident his work schedule would not impact them being able to focus on a great education -- we love the work ethic and passion he has to be the best parent possible!

pool homes sold queen creek drew team   single level homes san tan valley drew team   homes for sale san tan queen creek drew team

Family was a strong theme this month as we has some people move across the street, across town or across the entire country to be near family!  The Drew Team finds great joy in seeing these families get closer both emotionally and geographically.

multi generation homes queen creek drew team     beautiful gilbert home for sale drew team     adult living san tan valley queen creek drew team real estate

Also saw some long standing dreams get met, this fuels our desire to serve...  from seeing people getting to the "retirement" home and community they'd been looking forward to for years...  to the young couple who are moving into the dream home they had build...   so appreciative to help them get to the next chapter in their lives!

land acreage custom home queen creek drew team sold  new build home discount save drew team  homes for sale san tan queen creek drew team sold



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