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Nov. 23, 2020

Hope Women's Center TopGolf Event

A Massive Bright Spot in 2020 for The Drew Team!  

Grateful we were able to be a part of The Hope Women's Center Fundraiser at TopGolf!  A fantastic night meant to bring funds and awareness to the amazing work of the Hope Women's Centers around the Valley...  please visit the Hope Womens Center Website to learn more about how they impact families in Ariizona. Hope Womens Center The Drew Team  Hope Womens Center The Drew Team Sponsor

womens hope center drew team sponsors   women hope center topgolf sponsor drew team    womens hope center drew team sponsor   womens hope center drew team sponsor    

Our very own Casey Hurlburt and his lovely wife Justine took home top honors for costumes, if you see above its not a surprise the won.  However far more important is the reason we were there, to help fund the work of Hope Women's Center...  and this is what they said after the event: 

"Our Topgolf event was a hole in one!! THANK YOU! We raised $55,000 to help us continue the important work of walking alongside women and teen girls facing crisis, poverty, and abuse. "


So if you know someone in need or you want to join us in supporting their wonder work, visit them at the Hope Women's Center website for more information!

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Nov. 11, 2020

Veterans We Thank You!


The Drew Team is immensely grateful to our Veterans, each one's service & sacrifice protects our freedoms that we cherish!  The U.S. government has secured a special benefit Veterans related to home ownership.  Many are unaware of this fantastic benefit that can save Veterans significant money out of pocket AND over the course of the loan.  Take a look at this quick highlight of some benefits to a VA Loan:

VA Loan Benefits example from The Drew Team Arizona


While there are stipulations and we are not a lender, we can tell you that beyond your DD214 (if retired) or your Certificate of Eligibility (which most lenders can get for you) there is no more documentation needed than for traditional loans.  PLUS the benefit of NO money down and NO Private Mortgage Insurance will save most Veterans a significant amount of money over the life of the loan.

So, if you are a Veteran, THANK YOU!  If you, or a Veteran you know, is considering a home purchase please contact us so we can be sure they get all the information to take advantage the benefits they earned and so much deserve!



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Oct. 27, 2020

Thank You First Responders!!! Save $$$$

The Drew Team wants to honor those who serve and keep our communities safe!   Let us serve YOU and save you money!

The Drew Team honoring First Responders of Arizona by saving a lot of money

Firefighters, EMTs, Police, Correctional and Boarder Patrol Officers we appreciate your service and sacrifice for our communities.  The Drew Team wants to SERVE you and save you money while helping to reach YOUR goals!   So we partnered with our friends at Fairway, Magnus and Ability to be sure you save money at every step of the process by bringing discounts directly to you to keep more money in your pocket.


* The Drew Team is going to cover $1500 of your closing costs OR reduce commission - money stays in YOUR pocket!

* The JW Team at Fairway will cover the cost of your appraisal completely (FREE) up to $700 value!

* Ability Home Inspections with discount the cost of a home inspection by $80!

* Magnus Title Agency is reducing their title fee by up to $500!

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Oct. 16, 2020

October Market Update "Supply/Demand"

Welcome to Autumn! October sees the market continuing on its path since summer:  real estate remains HOT, inventory remains LOW as do interest rates and everyone wonders where it is headed.  So, for this update I wanted to give a quick glimpse into our supply & demand and what could change.  Take a look:

A few caveats from the video: 1. No one has a crystal ball, any future trending must be understood as hypothetical but also logical based on the numbers.   2.  Typical election years see a slow down in all real estate activity but 3. 2020 has been anything but typical!

For those that want to see those numbers better:

Queen Creek/San Tan Area (270 / 535 = .5 month supply)

Active homes for sale - 270

Pending agreements to sell - 642

Closed transactions last 30 days - 535

Average number of CLOSED transactions last 4 months is 524 -- with a .5 month supply

The East Vally as a whole is an 18 day supply vs QC/STV at 15 day

(Includes, Queen Creek, San Tan area, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Apache Junction & more)

Now it is easier to see why a quick change to the market is unlikely.  Inventory at a 15-18 day supply would take many more listings and very few sales to even begin moving towards what is typically considered balance  - 90-120 days of supply.  Sellers are in the driver seat at this time but there are opportunities and The Drew Team has been helping buyers win & get into great homes!  Often builders have filled this gap, BUT currently the typical AZ builder is 9-10+ months out and the spec home inventory is almost non-existent.

So what does this mean for your individual situation?   For most it means that waiting on an election result will have far less impact on the real estate market than in past years.  HOWEVER, every person's situation is different and every neighborhood is unique!  The Drew Team is committed to reaching YOUR goals, so give us a call, click or message and let us give you the information you need to make the right decision for your needs.   No matter how far off you may be, we have found getting the information sooner allows for you to make the best decision to reach your goals. 

Click HERE to search for homes!         Click HERE to get your house SOLD!       

 Click HERE for First Responder Program!

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Oct. 9, 2020

How We Reach YOUR Goals and Make the Home Search Easier!

With Covid, a fast moving market, many moving from out of state AND the struggles of busy lives, The Drew Team wants to makes things easier as Robin McAvoy demonstrates in this short video!

Get a glimpse into the day of a successful REALTOR like Robin McAvoy, the market AND what The Drew Team does to reach YOUR goals by providing tools & service to make it easier!


Whether it a video preview tour, a live video walkthru or even a video zoom call Robin & The Drew Team are committed to making the process beneficial for reaching your goals!   This allows you to see the neighborhood, ask questions and have that face-to-face without actually having to be in contact.   

With so many seeking to avoid contact, and many more leading busy lives, let alone those making a move from out of town it is our commitment to do what is necessary so you will be happy with the home you choose.  We are passionate about service, relationship and reaching YOUR goals.

Search for homes at our Search Portal

Find out more about Robin McAvoy on her Meet the Team Page for Robin McAvoy

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Oct. 9, 2020

Touring "Better-than-New" home in Hastings Farms

The Drew Team's Casey Hurlburt was out previewing homes and came across a gem in Hastings Farms community in Queen Creek!  It is highly upgraded, one year old 4 bedroom/3bath and under $400,000!  Watch this 1 minute video to see what the hype is about: 


To get details you can contact Casey direct at 206-423-0717 or the Team line.  To learn more about Casey visit our Meet the Team page...    but don't wait, homes like this are selling the first weekend.  Let us put our experience to work to help you win in this competitive market!

To search for more properties visit our HOME page.

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Sept. 30, 2020

11 Happy Families get September KEYS!

Some agents forget what we really do, but The Drew Team knows what matters... reaching YOUR goals!   That reaching of goals is most easily identified by the moment we get to hand keys to new home owners, so it is always great to celebrate when we get to do so AND in September we got to do so ELEVEN times!  

The Drew Team Gilbert   The Drew Team Queen Creek   The Drew Team San Tan Valley   The Drew Team Apache Junction   The Drew Team Coolidge

From Queen Creek to Florence to San Tan Valley to Apache Junction to Coolidge to Gilbert we accomplished the goal.

           The Drew Team Coolidge Florence      The Drew Team Queen Creek REALTORs best      The Drew Team Queen Creek best Realtor agents homes for sal      The Drew Team San Tan Valley Queen Creek Homes for sale and sold

For so many people a home is much more than the place the sleep, cook or relax, it is the place they make memories, raise a family, discover their passions and create the moments that make life a joy.    The Drew Team celebrates even more so when our clients tell us how happy they are.   Here are two great examples. See more of our reviews!

Robin McAvoy The Drew Team Review Agents Queen Creek San Tan Valley

      The Drew Team Agents REALTORs Queen Creek San Tan valley Gilbert best


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Aug. 26, 2020

August Update - Exciting Opportunities!

August Real Estate Market remains HOT     

& We have Programs to Help You Reach Your Goals!     

Short video is packed, watch to end for tips, updates & program you'll want to share!


We remain willing to pick up/drop off needed items for those that can't go out at this time - really, we want to!

First: The Numbers!

Queen Creek/San Tan -- 255 homes for sale, 727 in contract, 708 closed last 45 days. So what?  A.  Strong sellers market only 2 weeks inventory, homes sell fast! B. Buyers need a great agent with tools to help them win & take advantage of great LOW rates!

Second:  $1500 closing costs for First Responders!!!   Save Money with The Drew Team real estate fire police emt

            The Drew Team wants to say THANK YOU to our first responders by keeping more money in your pocket and making your move easier.   Fire Fighters, EMTs, Police Officers, Sheriffs and Correctional Officers  THANK YOU for keeping our communities safe, we are going to cover up to $1500 in closing costs when you buy or sell with us.

 The Drew Team San Tan Valley Fire Department   Queen Creek Fire Dept The Drew Team Pinal County Sheriff and The Drew Team The Drew Team Pinal County Correctional Officers EMT and Ambulance The Drew Team  EMTs and The Drew Team

Third:  Phoenix Children's Hospital

            Anyone who has know us even a short time is aware we partner with PCH because it matters and the work done there is fantastic.  Unfortunately the poker tournaments, fundraisers and golf tournament we sponsor annually are not happening in 2020 (see past events here)...  Yet, the children still need our help, so we are inviting you to partner with us in donating directly to work at Phoenix Children's Hospital, click here.  

The Drew Team supports Phoenix Children's Hospital


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Aug. 4, 2020

Gave keys to 11 families in July!

While many events/activities have been postponed, the Real Estate market in Arizona is running STRONG!   The Drew Team remains busy helping clients reach their goals.    We gave keys to 11 families that completed a home purchase/sale in July!!!   Additionally we served 7 others in coming to agreement on a contract price for a home.   

The Drew Team finding success queen creek san tan valley gilbert best realtor The Drew Team sold best realtor queen creek The Drew Team sold goals july queen creek gilbert san tan valley Drew Team realtor best queen creek san tan valley gilbert sold Drew Team sold queen creek gilbert san tan valley best agent

The market is extremely competitive at this time for a few reasons:

1.  Interest rates are the lowest in 50 years -- which means a home can be bought at higher price with LOWER payments.

2.  Many people are doing more activities and even working from home, which highlights a need for different space.

3.  Arizona continues to have a very reasonable cost of living and people moving from other areas continues.

Our greatest struggle at this time is a lack of inventory, we don't have as many homes for sale.  This is a result of multiple factors.   Item 3 above is a constant and many want to move to this area.  Add to that more buyers of all ages taking advantage of low interest rates AND a slow down in construction due to health concerns...   all adds up to a competitive market with more buyers than homes.

Drew Team Sold Queen Creek San Tan valley Gilbert best agent Drew Team Sold Keys Best Realtor Agent Queen Creek Drew Team Sold Queen Creek best San tan valley agent success gillbert Drew Team sold best agent realtor queen creek florence san tan valley gilbert The Drew Team Realtors success Reaching YOUR goals Sold

SO more than ever, WHO YOU WORK WITH MATTERS!  The Drew Team negotiated for and won against multiple offers for 5 of our buyers in July.   We do this by knowing the market, crafting good offers, negotiating effectively,  communicating & creating an advocate in the other agent while getting YOU the best terms.

There are many challenges in this market but success is possible and The Drew Team will help reach YOUR goals! OF COURSE we would say that so here is what a couple of our clients in July had to say: 

Drew Team sold review 5 star queen creek san tan valley best realtorDrew team sold review 5 star best realtor queen creek san tan valley

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July 3, 2020

Real Estate is creating some Fireworks this Independence Weekend

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!  The Market is very HOT!  AND we are here for YOU!

Short informative video & additional details below:


First and foremost as we navigate the current challenges with Covid and unrest The DREW Team would like to remind you we are here for YOU and willing to pick up/drop off necessary items if you can't get out in the QC/STV area - it would be a privilege serve as neighbors.

The Drew Team real estate Fireworks

The real estate market is making fireworks right now!   Rates are low, inventory is low and many people want to upgrade their home to fit changing lifestyles. What does that mean for you? Here are the numbers for comparison - we currently we have less than 2 weeks of homes to sell in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley.

Queen Creek & San Tan Valley

                                        May 4, 2020                                                     July 3, 2020   

                                               603                          For Sale                          303               

                                               637                     Under Contract                    728

                                               540               Closed Sale last 45 days           730       

So how do sellers or buyers make the most of this market?


For home sellers it is more important than ever who you work! The Drew Team works hard to be sure sellers know how to price properly & how to avoid the pitfalls of unrealistic/misleading offers.  This is what we do: reduce stress and help you get the most money possible with terms that fit YOUR situation. 

Home buyers, the challenge is being prepared to act quickly! The Drew Team provides fantastic resources and our network ensures you are aware of homes others can't yet see.  Most importantly we guide you in crafting strong offers and bring the strength of a team that does more home transactions than anyone in the San Tan/Queen Creek areas...  sellers want to work with us because they know we make the process smooth for everyone to reach their goals.

The Drew Team Happy 4th JulyThe Drew Team 4th of July Queen CreekThe Drew Team 4th of July San Tan ValleyThe Drew Team 4th of July Fireworks

Home ownership is a large part of the American Dream!  If it is part of YOUR dream contact us so we can help YOU reach your goals in this competitive market.   

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