Arizona real estate is HOT right now and most home owners have more equity than they realize!  Additionally they have many more OPTIONS than they know!

The Drew Team sell homes fast for top dollar less stress

We work the entire Phoenix valley but here is a great example of what we accomplished this past weekend in the Queen Creek area.  We ALSO accomplished some unique terms to help these sellers REACH THEIR GOAL.  We can do the same for YOU!

Obviously homes are selling FAST, with MULTIPLE offers and for MORE money than most expected, however we ALSO got some great additional terms, perks and conveniences to help RELIEVE STRESS!

Here are some examples of what we accomplished on recent sales for our sellers:

** Selling the home in 24 hours!

** Securing the seller's ability to stay in home an additional 6 months AFTER the sale is completed! (Money in pocket)

** Having the buyers cover some or even ALL of the sellers closing costs!

** Buyer waiving appraisal or agreeing to pay THOUSANDS over the appraisal value!

** Buyer waived the inspection, so that NO REPAIRS would need to be done!

Every situation is unique, just like YOUR situation is unique, so what matters most is having a TEAM on your side that will work to reach YOUR goals.   Unlike the companies bombarding you with radio ads and mailers (Open Door, OfferPad, Zillow, Homie, 72 Sold etc)...   we at The Drew Team do TWO unique things:

1. We create a flexible plan TAYLORED to YOU and YOUR goals.

2. We represent ONLY YOU so that you know what a competitive offer actually is by showing you ALL the options.

Don't settle for some marketing company, investor or canned approach to the most unique situation! YOUR situation deserves a customize approach that will relieve stress and reach YOUR goals!  That is what we have done for nearly 13 years at The Drew Team!   It is also why we have a 5 star rating on Facebook, Google and Zillow with over 200 reviews.

So what is holding you back from taking advantage of this fantastic seller's market?     Contact us and allow us the privilege to serve you in overcoming the obstacles to making your Home Dream's come true TODAY!

The Drew Team sold fast for top dollar less stress The Drew Team sold fast for top dollar less stress The Drew Team sold fast for top dollar less stress