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May 29, 2018

Market Update in Queen Creek area for May-June

You've likely heard by now the real estate market in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley and the surrounding areas has heated up a lot, like the weather this May!  What you may not know is what that means for you...  so The Drew Team wanted to give you some facts to know, options to consider and ways to make the most of this market.

Hot Home Market

The first important fact is that there ARE homes available to purchase!  In Queen Creek & San Tan Valley today there are over 450 homes for sale under $500,000.  The second fact to know is that there are over 500 homes under contract (agreed to terms).  And in the last 6 weeks over 600 transactions were actually completed...  "SO WHAT?"  you ask.   

For those numbers to have meaning you need to know that in a balanced market, where buyers and sellers have equal power, typically it would take 3-4 months to sell through the available homes.  In our current market with 450 homes for sale our inventory would sell through in about 1 month.   This is a sellers market because of that fact.  

Sell Homes Fast

What does that mean for sellers?  Good question!  It means that there are buyers looking and the average time on the market for a priced properly home is about a month.  So they can expect to sell for close to the asking price.  It also means an agent who has experience, can price properly and market the home well will get them top dollar.

What does that mean for a buyer?  DON'T PANIC! It means there are homes but there is competition for many of them.  So, they need an agent who understands the market, can negotiate well and will be available to help them make that offer on the home they want quickly.

Finally I want to address the "summer slowdown" you might hear about...  it is a myth!   Seriously, in the 12 calendar months, throughout the Phoenix valley our transactions fluctuate less than 20% from the high to the low month.  Combine that with somewhat low inventory and it means this: if you are buying or selling in the next year there is no reason to wait because our market is relatively consistent.

If you are considering selling, wanting to move up or maybe are a 1st time home buyer, what all this means is that you should be prepared and have a professional on your side that has experience AND expertise to help you make the most of your time, your money and reach your goals. So you may want to look around the website a little and see some of the tools, reviews and experience we can leverage to help get where YOU wan to go.

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Oct. 20, 2017

The Drew Team is Growing - Need Agent Committed to Success

Looking for a road to SUCCESS?

Take the first step…


We are looking for an ambitious, career-minded agent to join us in providing the exceptional service that home buyers & seller deserve.

We are currently a 4 agent team with a full-time Transaction Coordinator completing over 100  real estate closings a year. We will train you in our systems to reach a team goal of 25+ transactions per agent.

IMPORTANT: To be considered for this position please email a resume, cover letter and DISC profile (in PDF from 
http://www.tonyrobbins.com/ue/disc-profile.php) to steven@findmyhomeinaz.com.  

We are committed to providing great service to our community and also to creating a family atmosphere among out team, together we will reach our goals and those of our clients.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Requirements: Valid Arizona real estate license preferred to start
• Must maintain a reliable, insured vehicle at all times
• High level of motivation to succeed

• Must be willing to work within proven structure and systems
• Office location in Queen Creek

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Oct. 11, 2017

Phoenix Children's Hospital TREE DECORATION & Donation

The Drew Team is once again excited to invite you to join us in supporting the AMAZING work of Phoenix Children's Hospital!  We are decorating a Christmas Tree AGAIN to bring some joy to the children and their families!  Our goal is to completely cover a tree in New stuffed animals - plush, cuddly toys that can be donated to the children! 

LAST YEAR'S TREE looked like this:

     PCH Tree Drew Team   The Drew Team and Phoenix Children's Hosptial

Donations accepted through November 29th

If interested in joining us to decorate the Tree at PCH the morning of December 1st please give us a call.

Donations can be dropped off at 22036 S Ellsworth Rd  Queen Creek, AZ 85142 

(just South of Ocotillo Rd)

Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5PM  or give us a call to make arrangements (480) 256-2868

  PCH Teddy Bear Tree

So stop by say hello and drop a new teddy bear or stuffed animal (or 10) that will bring joy to children at Hospital.  We are also looking for donations of Crayons, Markers and Colored Pencils to support "1 Darn Cool School" so children can keep up while in the hospital.  




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Aug. 4, 2017

20 Tips to Prepare to Sell a House

Very often a home owner will decide its time to sell a property and begin to question what the best way to prepare the house is.  Often they consult neighbors, co-workers, local news or even HGTV in hopes of making a property more attractive.  Below is a great example of such advice...  but be sure to read below for the rest of the story.

 20 tips for preparing to sell a house.  

While none of these are necessarily wrong, neither are most resources, HOWEVER they certainly pale in comparison to your local real estate expert who is active in YOUR community, working with people who will actually BUY your property! AND a real estate expert can tell you what will bring more money vs just make the home more appealing OR possibly cause it to sell faster/slower.

The Market is also what will matter most... if there are 100 homes available to a buyer they will likely choose the best presented and best condition but it won't bring more money.  Conversely if there is just 1 home available to a buyer then the condition/presentation is nearly inconsequential because it is the only choice.  Between these two extremes the condition and presentation can make a HUGE difference.   Thus, seeking the advice of professional is key!

Although not all professionals are the same!  The Drew Team sells over 100 homes a year, the average AZ agent will sell less than 4 homes...   would you rather take the advice of an agent that sells one home a quarter or trust the professional opinion of REALTOR that sells 10 homes each month?

So, if you want to make the most of your time, energy and likely the largest investment you own, your house, call The Drew Team at (480)256-2868 or click "contact us" in the upper right!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  right NOW is the time to sell if you have been considering doing so, we have more buyers than homes to sell them. AND The Drew Team can sell your home for More Money in Less Time!  Or, if you just want a quick cash offer with no showings we can do that too.  OUR AIM IS TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS.  We do that by listening to what is important to you, then showing you how to get there with the least stress possible.


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July 7, 2017

Drew Team Named "America's Best' Again

Real Trends America's Best Award


Contact: Doniece Welch


The Robin & Steven Drew Team was named to the 2017 REAL Trends America’s Best Real Estate Agent Teams in all of Arizona AGAIN!

(Queen Creek, AZ, 2017) The Drew Team of Re/Max Renaissance was named one of America’s most productive real estate teams as a part of REAL Trends America’s Best Real Estate Agents, the newly issued ranking report produced by REAL Trends and sponsored by Zillow GroupThe Robin & Steven Drew Team is now a member of the “America’s Best Real Estate Agents,” and ranked number 56 for the state of Arizona which has more than 43,000 agents.

REAL Trends America’s Best Real Estate Agents ranks over 12,600 of the nation's best residential real estate professionals solely based on their excellence in real estate sales during calendar year 2016. All production numbers are independently verified by a third-party in order to ensure accuracy and report integrity. “This group of highly successful real estate sales agents represents less than 1 percent of all real estate practitioners in the United States,” says Steve Murray, publisher of REAL Trends America’s Best Real Estate Agents and president of REAL Trends.

To qualify for inclusion real estate agent teams must accomplish a minimum of 75 transaction.  
This ensures that only the best of the best are included on the prestigious list.  The Drew Team actually completed over 120 transactions in 2016.  


“The average residential real estate agent in the U.S. closed 8.6 transaction in 2016,” said Murray. “To say that The Drew Team is an exceptional professional team is an understatement. This level is truly outstanding.”


“We are also pleased that two of the nation’s most prominent online real estate websites, Trulia® and Zillow®, have partnered with REAL Trends to bring a superior level of customer exposure of these sales agents’ performance,” Murray added.


 “ We are obviously pleased and honored to be high on this ranking of the country’s top residential real estate agents,” said Steven Drew.  “It represents the time and effort that we put into serving our clients at the highest level and how much work it takes to build a successful real estate career. The number of families we are able to serve makes it a truly special recognition.  It is our dedication meeting our clients goals that really matters.  Our team of Robin Drew, Casey Hurlburt, Robin McAvoy, Admin Nancy Horn and myself make that our focus…  the ranking simply confirms our passion.”


Information on those receiving this recognition can be found online at http://www.americasbestre.com



REAL Trends is a privately-held, Colorado-based publishing, consulting and communications company specializing in the residential brokerage and housing industries. Recognized as the leading source of trends in the industry, REAL Trends, The Trusted Source, also publishes the REAL Trends The Thousand, as advertised in The Wall Street Journal and the REAL Trends 500, which ranks the top brokerage firms in the United States. Visit REAL Trends at www.realtrends.com.



Zillow is a registered trademark of Zillow, Inc. Trulia is a registered trademark of Trulia, LLC. These marks are used with permission.

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June 6, 2017

Giving Back - Phoenix Children's Hosptial



While The Drew Team does make a donation from EVERY home we help clients buy or sell, there is much more we choose to do because of the exceptional service PCH provides to our community! Miracle Agents - The Drew Team In the past we have had or annual donation drive to support the summer needs at the hospital for both the 1 Darn Cool School and The Family Care Carts...

summer donation drive , Miracle Agents The Drew Team at ReMax

 we also decorate Christmas trees each year with items to be donated to children. Miracle Trees  The Drew Team agents      miracle agents The Drew Team

Additionally we participate in the quarterly poker tournament hosted by

our fabulous partner Jason Wojtyna at Fairway mortgage.

The Drew Team Miracle Poker Wajtyna       Drew & Wajtyna Final 2

We also support The Heart Warrior Golf Tournament both hosted and inspired by a past client whose baby Jaxton received extraordinary care for a heart issue diagnosed even prior to birth. 

    Jaxton Heart Warrior   Jaxton's Heart Warrior Golf Tourney   


Check our blog for updates and ways to join us

in supporting the wonderful work of

Phoenix Children's Hospital!








You may remember our previous drives for the PCH, however the needs are ongoing.  

So this June & July we are going to focus on two great areas of the Hospital!  

Drew Team Supporting PCHPCH Donations 2016

1. Helping to stock the Family Care Cart that serves families who are there for extended periods of time.    For details direct from PCH you can visit this link  PCH Family Care Cart Donations


2. Supplying PCH's own 1 Darn Cool School inside the hospital with the mission of "promoting educational success throughout the healing process."  For details direct from PCH you can visit this link PCH 1 Darn Cool School


Here is what they need most this summer!

For 1 Darn Cool School supplies:

Colored Pencils  -  Earbuds  -  Crayola Markers   -  Thin Line Markers -  Crayons  -  Colored Sharpies 

Rulers  -  Teen Back Packs  -  Dry Erase Boards & Markers  -  Drawing Paper  -  Elmer's Glue Sticks

Composition Books  -  Spiral Notebooks  -  Binders  -  Mechanical Pencils  -  Scientific/Graphing Calculators

GED Study Guides  -  Desktop Laminators  -  Gift Cards (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Movie Tickets)

For The Family Care Cart:

MOST PRESSING NEED - ADULT Size Toothbrushes & Travel Size Toothpaste

Personal Care items/kits  -  Shampoo/Conditioner - Toothpaste - Toothbrushes - Deodorant - Chapstick       

Games  of all types -  Sudoku  -  Word Searches  -  Puzzle Books  -  

Hair Accessories  -  Barrettes  -  Pony tail holders etc

Coloring books  -  Crayons


Donations accepted through Monday August 1st.  Drop off at our office 8-5 Monday thru Friday or give us a call to make other arrangements (480) 256-2868.

22036 S Ellworth Rd, Queen Creek AZ 85142 - ReMax Balloon Billboard out front,

parking is behind the building.





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