The real estate market in Arizona is extremely competitive and sellers are in the driver's seat.   No surprise there, right?   Here is an example of how we are helping our seller's capitalize on that market:

The Drew Team sell your house for top dollar fast

However wholesalers are advertising to make it seem like a huge hassle to sell - even though most of our clients sell their home the first weekend.  They are spending HUGE dollars to get this message out, ever wonder why?  Because they are making big money convincing you NOT to compare options. And there are options! 


Wholesalers go by many names (OpenDoor, OfferPad, Knock and more).  Most say they will give you a competitive offer.  Competitive with what?  Other wholesalers!   Did you know most of them have fees that are far more than the commission they are telling you to avoid?  Did you also know it is considered unethical for agents to agree with each other on commission? It is ALWAYS negotiable with agents. That means these companies discussing it publically DON"T act as agents and DON'T represent YOU!       WE DO!

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Why is this important?  Because if they DON'T represent YOU, then they are building their profits on you.  An agent and more so a REALTOR, like us on The Drew Team choose to represent you in a Fiduciary capacity.  That means we MUST put your financial best interests FIRST (even before our own).   

The last point is that these companies are selling convenience...  less showings, more flexibility etc.  Sounds good right?  BUT they still need to view the home, do inspections and have limits.   YET, if you choose to be represented by a REALTOR, like us at The Drew Team you have the opportunity for true competition to give you all the terms you want.   

A few examples of what competition produced from the last couple of months at The Drew Team:

- Buyers have waived inspections completely (wholesalers never do).

- Buyers have been willing to let the Seller stay in the home an additional 3 months while finding a new home.

- Buyers have paid more than the appraised value to win the home.

- Buyers paying up to 15% more for a home than it was listed at.

- Typically we have multiple offers the first weekend (no more showings needed)

The Drew Team sell your home for top dollar Queen Creek San Tan Valley Arizona   The Drew Team 5 star Reviews Arizona real estate

So the wholesales most often take more of your money in fees, more of your time process and they eliminate the competition that will help you sell for Top Dollar AND get you the Best Terms for YOUR unique situation.    Please consider your options.  We at The Drew Team have been serving Arizona for more than a decade, serving in nearly 1000 home sales and have 100s of 5 star reviews because we represent YOU and want to be the Key to reaching YOUR goals.