July's Queen Creek Area Real Estate Market UPDATE!

Common Arizona myth: the real estate market slows down in the summer, HOWEVER the truth is that it remains strong, and July 2018 numbers prove it!  Hear about it in the video below or keep reading to see the numbers below.

Currently in the Queen Creek/San Tan area we have 440 homes for sale under $500,000 and another 429 homes already under contract, meaning they are just in the process of completing paperwork before homes change hands.   What makes these numbers truly interesting is that they are both higher than in January of this year.  That is right, more homes for sale and MORE homes under contract.

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IMPORTANT, last year we only had half that many homes under contract.  Go ahead ask, its ok...    SO WHAT, right?  Good question.  Homes are selling nearly twice as fast as they did in July 2017!   In fact, last year homes were on the market  2-3 months before they sold, in 2018 it is just about down to 1 month.  Additionally, in the case of homes we have sold at The Drew Team over the last 6 weeks our average has been less than 2 WEEKs! 

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The real estate market has not slowed.  We really need more homes to sell to buyers who want to purchase NOW! Partly because there are some great new Down Payment Assistance Programs and Updated First Time Buyer Programs you may qualify if you haven't purchased in the last 3 years!

Yes, you read that correctly. Read more about those programs HERE.

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So the real estate market is very strong.  If you are a seller, this is a great time to get top dollar and to sell fast with much less hassle.  If you have been getting letters in the mail from wholesalers trying to purchase your home, let us show you the truth about how much more you can put in your pocket in just a couple of weeks!   If you are a buyer we can connect you to a great lender who can help you take advantage of historically low interest rates that give you great purchase power. And let us show you a process that will reduce stress so you know what to expect along with ensuring you get into a great home that you will love!