Ever notice how a smell can bring back a memory, good or bad?  Sometimes a taste or a sound...  sometimes a circumstance that feels so very familiar...  like, say 2007?   Yet it is equally true that the very thing that triggers a memory has little to do with what IS or COULD happen in the future.    You likely won't be surprised to hear from us that there is a common question we have been hearing for the last few months: "Is this a bubble?  Are prices going to fall?

     To answer this in a general way and address what this very hot real estate market means for us in Arizona, the video below will give you a quick market update.  It will also address a few of the issues/opportunities for both sellers and buyers - stay tuned as we will be doing a deeper dive into these issues soon.  For now, take a look!

The Market Today in the Queen Creek/San Tan region:  (We can work all of Arizona but this is an example)

Active homes for sale          158

Pending homes in contract   560                     INVENTORY      11 DAYS  (.37 months supply)

Closed homes last 30 days   420

A good quality home that is priced appropriately today is likely to have multiple offers within a couple of days.  Some areas we work it is slightly less competition, like Casa Grande, in others it is even more competition like Chandler.  If you want to know what is happening in YOUR neighborhood just let us know!


What this means for SELLERs:

FIRST - you likely have good equityA competitive offer can only be determined with the open market!  Those ads from wholesalers (Offerdoor/OpenPad/Zippo etc) can't predict what a homebuyer will do up against other offers - but they do want to buy your house and sell it at a profit after charging you big fees!

SECOND - the seller has leverage.  We have helped many sellers to close, get the cash in hand AND be able to stay in the house additional time while finding their next home.  The Drew Team can help negotiate terms that fit YOUR goals - closing date, earnest money, inspection terms to avoid repairs etc.

THIRD - YOUR situation is unique, don't trust your biggest asset to a one-trick pony that built a process for their profit instead of maximizing YOUR benefit.  We have the experience and expertise to craft a unique plan to reach YOUR goals.  Not sure your goal is possible?  Let's talk and you may be surprised.


What this means for BUYERs:

WHO YOU WORK WITH MATTERS!   Most feel like they can't win.   HOWEVER, we have helped many people reach their home ownership goals this year already.  Our expertise has overcome all kinds of challenges.  One example:  Recently negotiated a contract that was financed with a contingent sale that beat out a cash offer!  HOW, our experience and ability to negotiate is a KEY component to how we can help you win!

STILL AFFORDABLE...   with interest rates historically low a buyer's purchase power is still at an all time high.   Don't wait to become a home owner.   The market is strong, stable and building is taking longer and costs have skyrocketed, we can show you how make the most of NOW and save in the future too.

Look for more videos that will tackle many of the details we have only begun to touch on.

PS:  Help us spread the word for our First Responder Progam at https://www.findmyhomeinaz.com/first_responders/

We are excited to honor those in Firefighters, in Law Enforcement and EMTs that serve our communities!

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