What to do when you want to move, sell & buy, in a VERY competitive market?

    The real estate market in Arizona (especially the SouthEast Valley) enters 2021 as hot as we've ever seen.   HOWEVER that doesn't mean there aren't opportunities!  Opportunities like the best rates in decades, the greatest gap between rent cost vs home purchase value, and opportunities that we may never see again.

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    So how do YOU take advantage of this opportunity in the real estate market?   The answer is more simple than you'd expect.   Who YOU work with matters more than ever!   At The Drew Team we win multiple bid situations, we find properties BEFORE they hit the market, we even find ways to help families move from their old house into a new home without having to find a temporary place.  In fact we even helped a client who was trying to do "for sale by owner" to take advantage of our marketing/expertise so that they made nearly 10% more on the sale of their house!

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    How can The Drew Team do this?  While that answer is different for each individual sale or purchase, the simple truth that covers everything is that we have experience and expertise that is far beyond most agents.  As an example, the average agent will do 5 or less transactions in AZ this year...   as a 4 agent team we have completed more than 100 sale or purchase contracts multiple years in a row (with a total number or nearly 1,000 since 2009).  So our agents average completing multiple sale/purchases each month, while the average agent is doing NOTHING for months at a time.

     This simple fact means we are working in the market, in the community and aware of the driving force for buyers and sellers, along with a unique understanding how to create an offer that gets accepted without costing you more than necessary!  In 2020 we did this with New Build homes, older homes, condos, multifamily homes, we coordinated sell/buy with no gap numerous times, we did 1031 exchanges, investment property and land. We helped first time buyers, down payment assistance program buyers, those who moved up and those who downsized.  Oh, and we have help buyers/sellers from Canada, Mexico, Qutar, Israel and around the world.  No matter what your goal we can help YOU achieve it!

     Maybe more importantly than everything above is this simple truth, WE LISTEN to YOU!   Nothing is more debilitating in a market like this than running around to look at property you don't want as it takes precious time away from being ready, seeing and getting an offer in on what YOU do want.   So we have a process to ask questions, get information and provide you unique resources that help YOU identify homes that will suite your lifestyle.

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