A Massive Bright Spot in 2020 for The Drew Team!  

Grateful we were able to be a part of The Hope Women's Center Fundraiser at TopGolf!  A fantastic night meant to bring funds and awareness to the amazing work of the Hope Women's Centers around the Valley...  please visit the Hope Womens Center Website to learn more about how they impact families in Ariizona. Hope Womens Center The Drew Team  Hope Womens Center The Drew Team Sponsor

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Our very own Casey Hurlburt and his lovely wife Justine took home top honors for costumes, if you see above its not a surprise they won.  However far more important is the reason we were there, to help fund the work of Hope Women's Center...  and this is what they said after the event's success: 

"Our Topgolf event was a hole in one!! THANK YOU! We raised $55,000 to help us continue the important work of walking alongside women and teen girls facing crisis, poverty, and abuse. "

What we love about the Hope Women's Center is simply stated in their mission statement:

Hope’s mission is to encourage, engage, and equip women and teen girls facing any difficult life situation. We guide women from trauma to transformation! 

Hope Women's Center website for more information!