We want to serve those who faithfully serve our community! 

The Drew Team wants to say THANK YOU to First Responders.   Our passions is to serve, but we wanted to do something tangible for law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs.  This short video gives a brief overview of how we partnered to save them thousands. 



This is a program we want to make available to all our local heroes so border patrol agents & correctional officers are eligible as law enforcement.  We want to serve those who serve!  Below is printable flyer we hope our neighbors will share:


The Drew Team Saving First Responders Thousands

We are passionate about HONORING those who keep us safe!  


* The Drew Team to cover $1500 of your closing costs OR reduce commission - money stays in YOUR pocket!

* The JW Team at Fairway Independent Mortgage will cover the cost of your appraisal completely (FREE) up to $700 stays in your pocket!

* Magnus Title Agency will reduce their title fee by $500!

* Ability Home Inspections will discount the cost of home inspection by $80!

Again we say THANK YOU!

The Drew Team's own Steven Drew has been a volunteer fire fighter and knows there are a lot of programs out there, most of which take a huge fee and pass on a token savings to the first responder...  So this program was created in house and these savings are direct to YOU keeping money in your pocket because we understand the sacrifice and service you bring to our community!  Every team member and partner has a personal reason for wanting to be part of this, but it all starts with gratefulness for those who serve our community!  THANK YOU!