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2020 was a year of challenges AND opportunity for us at The Drew Team!   While this is a business, it is also our passion to serve our community...   yes, in real estate, but also in giving, serving & seeing lives changed for the better.  Little did we know how many opportunities would be born out of the challenges.

Like so many of you we entered 2020 with "plans." Past client events, charity poker & golf events + more! Soon that would all feel like an April Fools joke.   HOWEVER we DID still raise thousands of dollars for Phoenix Children's Hospital, Supported Hope Women's Center AND hosted our Past Client Appreciation give away (including a new TV).  

Drew Team supports Hope Women's center    The Drew Team   The Drew Team supports Phoenix Children's Hospital

THIS is only possible because the neighbors, visitors, investors and community that allows us to serve them!  In 2020 we again had the privilege of handing keys/deeds 100+ times because of the trust placed in us.   So this is really a gratitude post to say THANK YOU to those who gave us the opportunity amidst the challenges of 2020.

Additionally we created a logo this year to demonstrate what we are focused on...   being the Key to reaching YOUR real estate goals!   That is the aim that keeps us pushing to impact our community, using our expertise and experience (rapidly approaching 1,000 property transactions in the SouthEast Valley). 

The Drew Team Giving Back Past client giveaway fudge and popcorn The Drew Team The Drew Team TV giveaway past clients The Drew Team Appreciation past clients

The truth is that there are easier ways to make a living but their are very few that are so satisfying -- Once again, THANK YOU for allowing us to serve you in so many ways! 

We also launched our First Responder program to serve and save money for those that serve our community so sacrificiallyThese are savings directly to the First Responder -- grateful to our partners who joined us in making this a significant!

The Drew Team Serving those who serve community

From Raw Land to Custom Built Homes,  we can hep reach your goals.   We have lender, inspector, construction, property management and remodel partners - everyone necessary to reach your dream regardless of what type of property or project that may look like.

And if you are thinking of moving up, downsizing or cashing out of an investment we have tools and resources!  Contact us to get a simple value or talk about options for reaching your goals.   Remember, by allowing us to serve you we get to also impact our community in many other positive ways BUT the ultimate expression of that is when we are the key to reaching YOUR goals!