The Arizona real estate market has changed! NOW may be the best time to reach YOUR goals so have a listen then connect with us to start on the path to reaching your real estate goals.

2023 has already seen an increase in home showings and buyer inquires, additionally the number of homes available is down.   Sellers have a opportunity to take advantage of the increased traffic while buyers can take advantage of rates that have eased recently!

Mortgage Rates Lower recently

Most industry experts predict a much more stable year ahead for pricing... the average of 100+ market experts (like NAR,, Freddie Mac etc) is a change of less than 1%, meaning far less volatility in pricing.   That also means there is little gain in waiting if you have real estate goals you want to reach!

Expert Real Estate Price Forecast 2023 The Drew Team

Avoid the hype of sensational headlines, instead follow the FACTS of the market and get focused on YOUR goals.   Here are two great visuals to help understand how this moment is very different from 2008.  These demonstrate how foreclosures are extremely limited and that we still have a housing shortage while jobs are up!

strong real estate market arizona drew team   Not a bubble Drew Team Arizona Real Estate

The Drew Team helped numerous people reach their real estate goals last year, if you have goals, dreams or even questions lets connect!  Your dreams may be closer than you think!

The Drew Team top 1% of Arizona Agents real estateWe want to be sure to thank all of our First Responders for serving our community!   Many sacrificed time with family so that we could be safe celebrating with ours.   The Drew Team wants to honor our First Responders by serving them, please pass it along!

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