Very often a home owner will decide its time to sell a property and begin to question what the best way to prepare the house is.  Often they consult neighbors, co-workers, local news or even HGTV in hopes of making a property more attractive.  Below is a great example of such advice...  but be sure to read below for the rest of the story.

 20 tips for preparing to sell a house.  

While none of these are necessarily wrong, neither are most resources, HOWEVER they certainly pale in comparison to your local real estate expert who is active in YOUR community, working with people who will actually BUY your property! AND a real estate expert can tell you what will bring more money vs just make the home more appealing OR possibly cause it to sell faster/slower.

The Market is also what will matter most... if there are 100 homes available to a buyer they will likely choose the best presented and best condition but it won't bring more money.  Conversely if there is just 1 home available to a buyer then the condition/presentation is nearly inconsequential because it is the only choice.  Between these two extremes the condition and presentation can make a HUGE difference.   Thus, seeking the advice of professional is key!

Although not all professionals are the same!  The Drew Team sells over 100 homes a year, the average AZ agent will sell less than 4 homes...   would you rather take the advice of an agent that sells one home a quarter or trust the professional opinion of REALTOR that sells 10 homes each month?

So, if you want to make the most of your time, energy and likely the largest investment you own, your house, call The Drew Team at (480)256-2868 or click "contact us" in the upper right!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  right NOW is the time to sell if you have been considering doing so, we have more buyers than homes to sell them. AND The Drew Team can sell your home for More Money in Less Time!  Or, if you just want a quick cash offer with no showings we can do that too.  OUR AIM IS TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS.  We do that by listening to what is important to you, then showing you how to get there with the least stress possible.